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Crowd of 3,000 gather in support of pro-life march in Bratislava

On the 24th of September, despite the adverse weather conditions, 3,000 pro life supporters joined together for the Bratislava for Life (Bratislava za život) march in Bratislava, Slovakia. The march was held to celebrate life and call attention to the injustices against unborn children and pregnant mothers who are presented with the threat of abortion despite its health risks.

The main slogan for the event was “I VOTE FOR LIFE” which was in correlation with the upcoming parliamentary elections. The Bratislava for Life march was mainly organized by the Ladislav Hanus Institute, The Institute for Human Rights and Family Policy, and the Association for Life and Family. The Archdiocese of Bratislava also accompanied the event which was under its auspices. 

Prior to the commencement of the march, there were speeches given in the Main Square in Bratislava by representatives of health professionals, lawyers, academia, the Church, public institutions and civic life, media representatives and pro-life organizations from Slovakia and from abroad. This set the stage for the main event (the march) which began at 16:40.

"We are very happy that 3,000 citizens of Slovakia came to the event to express their stance for life, for the protection of unborn children and their mothers from the risks of abortion. There is always a better solution that we must actively offer. In the 21st century, it is completely useless to even think about abortion, which hurts, as a solution to any situation, because there are always better solutions. We appeal to politicians to be a courageous voice for the unborn and their mothers," said another organizer of the event, Tomáš Kováčik from the Association for Life and Family.

"We told the whole of Slovakia, including politicians and candidates in the elections, that the lives of unborn children must be protected in the same way as we protect the lives of already born people. We are raising this fair demand to society at the very time when we are deciding on the character of our country. We ask citizens to also vote according to their values ," said one of the organizers of the event, Juraj Šúst from the Ladislav Hanus Institute.


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