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MSNBC host criticised after scolding reporter for saying “pro-life”

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell, has been widely criticised online after she scolded a reporter and colleague during a live report because he used the term “pro-life”.

In answer to Mitchell’s question, Garrett Haake was reporting on South Carolina Republican Rep. Nancy Mace on why she had voted in favour of two “anti-abortion” bills, despite saying the day before that perusing such abortion legislation would set the “wrong tone” and is “unfair to women”.

"She told reporters after the fact that at the end of the day, she was, as she described herself, 'pro-life,'" Haake responded. "She felt it was important to vote for these measures despite their potentially politically damaging — or politically unappealing appearance, if you will —".

At this point, Haake was interrupted by Mitchell. "Garrett, let me just interrupt and say that 'pro-life' is a term that they — an entire group wants to use. But that’s not an accurate description," she said.

"I’m using it because it’s the term she used to describe herself, Andrea," Haake responded.

"I understand. I understand," Mitchell said. This followed with an awkward silence, where Mitchell then said, "anyway, that was her explanation,” before changing the subject.

The US house of representatives voted on two bills last Wednesday, 11th January. The first was to condemn the violence towards pregnancy help centres. With a Republican majority, the bill passed with 222-209 votes, with only three democrats voting in favour of it. This bill was done in light of the wave of violent attacks on pro-life pregnancy centres and churches across the country since the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

The second bill known as the “born-alive act” requires doctors to provide medical care to a baby that survives or is born alive after an abortion attempt. It states that the baby will then be a "legal person for all purposes under the laws of the United States," and will be entitled to the same care any other born child would receive. This vote passed with 220-210 votes. 

Mitchell's interjection was widely criticisd online where commentators and activists took issue with her remarks. 

"Take back the language. Saying 'abortion rights' is propaganda," one person said in a Twitter post.

"MessNBC is not a news network," a person commented in response.

"They will do anything to avoid confronting the fact that abortion is killing a baby in the womb," another person commented.

"Sure, Andrea, because your "reporting" is more accurate," one user commented in another post. 

"Ok so pro-not murder," another user retorted.

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