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A mother of two has tragically died after a surgical abortion procedure in Melbourne

Following what was described as a "routine" surgical abortion, a young mother of two tragically passed away at a women's health clinic in Melbourne. 

Harjit Kaur, 30, was getting ready to buy a family home with her husband, Sukhjinder Singh, so they could raise their two-year-old son and four-year-old daughter. Kaur found out in early January that she had become pregnant. The couple decided to have an abortion because Kaur felt she was not financially, mentally, or physically prepared to have a third child.

Following a consultation with a physician, they decided to have the surgery, which is regarded as a ‘minor procedure’, on January 12 at the southeast Melbourne clinic Hampton Park Women's Health Clinic. As she was leaving for the operating room, Kaur texted her husband to let him know she would be calling after the procedure. It was just over an hour later when Dr. Rudolph 'Rudy' Lopes, Ms. Kaur's surgeon, called Kaur’s husband, Singh, to inform him that although her procedure had been ‘successful’, Kaur’s heart had stopped beating as they were moving her into the general ward, and CPR had to be performed.

“I tried to enter the general ward but they stopped me and asked me to stay outside.” 

Singh rushed to the hospital to see his wife, but after just five minutes, the doctor came to him and told him “Sorry, your wife is dead.”

“I was dead then. My life was destroyed in a second.” said Singh


With many important questions remaining unanswered, Mr Singh has been left to raise his two children on his own after the death of his 'super healthy wife'.

Ms Kaur had planned to have a medical abortion, which entails taking medication to terminate the pregnancy. However, during her consultation with a nurse, she was informed that the procedure would result in heavy bleeding and pain that could last for 30 days. Ms Kaur was also told that there was no guarantee that it would work, and that surgery would be required.

“After all that, Harjit got scared and told me it seemed risky. [She said] as I'm working and taking care of our kids, how will I manage this bleeding - and still there is a risk,” said Singh.

Singh stated that after the consultation with a nurse, Kaur decided to instead go for a surgical abortion. “The nurse explained it was very safe and that she would be able to go home in a couple of hours,” Singh told the Daily Mail.

An investigation involving the police and the coroner is being conducted to determine the cause of Ms Kaur's death.

“She was so young and healthy,” said Singh, who now feels “fully destroyed” after the devastating loss of his beloved wife.

Other instances where a woman has died during or after having an abortion are often overlooked. 

In February 2023, a 19 year old woman from Canada died of septic shock after taking the abortion pill mifepristone. Dozens of mothers and millions of unborn children have died as a result of the drug.

In September 2022, Alyona Dixon, a 24 year old woman from Nevada, died after complications from an abortion conducted at Planned Parenthood forced her to seek emergency medical treatment just 4 days later.

Harjit Kaur’s death is yet another tragic reminder of the reality that the abortion industry does not truly care about helping and offering support to women when they need it most.


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