Most visible of the anti-aortion groups, fearless, commitment beyond doubt

The Irish Times, 1993

All Ireland Rally for Life 2013

Vigil for Baby Hope and his mother, 23 August 2014Vigil for Baby Hope and his mother, 23 August 2014Vigil for Baby Hope and his mother, 23 August 2014Vigil for Baby Hope and his mother, 23 August 2014

Since our foundation it was obvious that Youth Defence was a very distinct kind of pro-life group, being streetwise, vocal and very active.

We believe the people should make their voices heard. Public demonstration is an indication of public feeling. After the upheaval of the X case, YD organised and gave a structured voice to the pro-life majority in Ireland.

Vigil for Baby Hope and his mother, 23 August, 2014

Our public demonstrations include massive pro-life rallies beginning in 1992 which brings thousands of people together against abortion; regular Life Days which line busy streets with ultra-sized pics of the baby in the womb; a yearly commemoration for children killed by abortion which has got front page media coverage because of its dramatic and innovative nature, and high-profile pickets on organisations and politicians who want to foist legal abortion on Ireland.

The Rally for Life has now become a yearly event organised in conjunction with our sister group Precious Life. It's a day for everyone to get together and make a lot of noise of the singing and chanting sort. While it's a very important display of support for pro-life laws, it's also a lot of craic!

Rally for Life : Dublin : 2 July, 2011

Rally for Life, Belfast, 7 July 2012

In our democracy, the primary duty of government is to serve the Irish people. If it fails in that duty, it is our right to remind that under our constitution the Irish people are sovereign and the arbitrators of our own destiny.

Thousands marched for life through Dublin City Centre on Saturday, 4th July 2015. We are pro-life and proud!

7th All Ireland Rally for Life, Dublin 2013