Youth Defence have kept abortion out of Ireland"

Joseph Scheidler, Pro Life Action Network, March 2006

  • Pursuing a commitment to make Ireland abortion-free
  • Promoting a pro-life majority in Ireland by informing Irish citizens ofthe reality of abortion through our educational work
  • Giving a voice to this majority through public demonstrations and organised campaigns
  • Keeping the next generation pro-life by educating, training and activating young people and bringing them into the pro-life movement
  • Preparing and publishing a water-tight, non-compromisory wording for a future pro-life referendum
  • Attracting more than 5,000 members to Youth Defence within a nationwide branch-structure
  • Organising hugely successful National Pro-Life Information Roadshows, reaching at least 22 towns every year
  • Bringing thousands together every year for the All-Ireland Rally for Life, a shared initiative with our sister organisation Precious Life
  • Ensuring, through target picketing and focused lobbying, that further abortion legislation is not  enacted
  • Organising Ireland's first nationwide pro-life advertising campaigns,including bus advertising, billboards, radio ads and booklets
  • Providing counselling outside abortion referral agencies on a regular basis
  • Holding conferences, media courses and training weekends to produce articulate and confident pro-life activists
  • Organising public meetings to educate those who have not yet heard the pro-life message
  • Establishing an effective pro-life presence in colleges and giving multimedia presentations and talks in secondary schools
  • Designing and publishing leaflets, cards, booklets, posters, stickers and other materials for distribution
Fighting for life