As a well known smart-ass from Dominic Street, Eddie Burke, once said while eating a kebab on his way home from Coppers, "all it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing."I think he was talking about a recent Dublin-Meath game but he had a point. When you think about it, he could have been talking about a situation where babies were on the receiving end of some really crappy treatment and everybody just said "ah I couldn't be bothered," or "I don't have the time."

So here's the mission statement!

We serve those who are the victims of abortion - a dead baby and a grieving mother. Every year 50 million children worldwide are murdered by abortion. 50 million little bodies are torn and crushed and then discarded as human refuse. 50 million human beings shown no mercy, granted no justice. You can help to prevent Ireland from adding to the worldwide sum of this suffering.

As Eddie would have said, "heavy stuff." And he'd be right, because abortion is the greatest destroyer of life in the world today. The tragedy is that people have gotten used to it.

You know those Road Safety Authority ads where they have people telling their own account of how a road accident wrecked their lives? Well they have made the point nicely and the same applies here.

Abortion is not just some overwhelming statistic that happens 50 million times a year, it's the death of an individual person; each abortion is the bloody and painful execution of some child. Sadly, it has now become acceptable to sacrifice children on the altar of choice.

Old Eddie would probably have nodded his head in agreement as he bit into his kebab, if he had heard that one on that memorable night.

In fact, on reflection he might even have said "Good job, fighting for those children and their mothers." And he'd turn to his mates and say "You lot should join this bunch. It may be the most important thing you will ever do. You know, women are often a second victim of the abortion industry. Many mothers are deliberately exploited and given misinformation to cause confusion during a crisis pregnancy. So, go on, lend a hand, ye lazy tossers! It'll do you good to get out, and they're great craic."

Then he went home to pose for that statue they made for him in Trinity College.

Youth Defence

  • Inform thousands of young women of the wonder of the developing baby in the womb and the horror of abortion.
  • Save many women from being physically or psychologically destroyed by abortion.
  • Offer comfort, and direct towards counselling, those women who are suffering as a result of abortion.
  • Produce literature dealing with the need to protect mothers from abortion and telling of women hurt by abortion.
...because life is a right not a privilege