As a well-known smart-ass from Dominic Street, Eddie Burke, once said while eating a kebab on his way home from Coppers, ‘all it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing’. He may have been talking about a recent Dublin-Meath game, but he had a point. When you think about it, his words could readily be applied to the plight of aborted babies


Our Mission statement!

Abortion is the greatest destroyer of life in the world today. The tragedy is that people have gotten used to it. We serve those who are the victims of abortion: a dead baby and a  wronged mother. Every year, 50 million children worldwide are murdered by abortion. That means 50 million little bodies are torn, crushed and discarded as human refuse. 50 million human beings are shown no mercy or granted no justice. You can help to prevent Ireland from adding to the worldwide sum of this suffering.

Abortion is not just an overwhelming statistic that happens 50 million times a year: it is the death of an individual person.Each abortion is the bloody and painful execution of a child. Sadly, it has now become acceptable to sacrifice children on the altar of choice.

Youth Defence

  • Informs thousands of young women of the wonder of the developing baby in the womb and the horror of abortion.
  • Saves many women from being physically or psychologically damageed by abortion.
  • Offers comfort and directs towards counselling those women who are suffering as a result of abortion.
  • Produces literature dealing with the need to protect mothers from abortion and telling of women hurt by abortion.

It's simple really: our aim is to keep Ireland abortion-free. Educating people, helping mothers, lobbying, campaigning; all our objectives are undertaken with that aim.