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A Culture of Life

The culture of life is a term used in Moral Theology to describe the […] truth of human life that all stages of human life from conception through to natural death is sacred. In this light the culture of life opposes practices which involve destruction of human life such as abortion, euthanasia, the use of embryonic stem cells for medical research and studies, artificial contraceptives, capital punishment, unjust war, suicide and assisted suicide, mutilation, narcissism, and excessive selfishness."

Halifax Oppong (2015)

A Culture of Life respects and cherishes human life from conception to natural death. It defends the unborn child, cares for the elderly, the sick, and the vulnerable, and works towards creating a secure and stable society.

Everyone benefits from a Culture of Life. This is why it is so important that informed views concerning the value of human life and the family are heard. When it comes to debating and legislating on crucially important issues in these domains, what is needed is to inform and engage as many people as possible so humane, life-affirming decisions can be collectively taken.

The Life Institute aims to build a Culture of Life. We provide information, undertake research and produce national campaigns. Above all, we aim to empower and involve those whose voices may have been silenced by contemporary media and ‘progressive’ Irish culture and to make their views on life, family, and culture heard. 



What is the Life Institute?

The Life Institute is committed to building a Culture of Life in Ireland and is a centre of excellence for the development of cutting-edge information campaigns which seek to protect human life and the family.

The Life Institute is an important and influential voice on issues such as abortion, euthanasia, embryo research, and the importance of families. Specifically, we are a leading producer of research on pro-life issues. We further emphasise the need for continuous public engagement to share the results of our research rather than merely ‘preaching to the choir’.

The Life Institute is a broad-based initiative with supporters throughout the country, and we have been particularly successful in bringing people together to work for life and families.

Our head office is based at 6 Gardiner Place, Dublin 1.



Key Commitments

  • Protecting human life from fertilisation to natural death
  • Undertaking cutting-edge research and reporting
  • Supporting families
  • Providing pro-life education
  • Training and leadership direction 
  • Communicating our mission via multiple channels, including print and social media

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