Who We Are

What Is The Life Institute?

The Life Institute is committed to building a Culture of Life in Ireland, and is a centre of excellence for the development of cutting-edge information campaigns which seek to protect human life and the family.

The Institute is an important and influential voice on issues such as abortion, euthanasia, embryo research and the importance of families. We are also a leading producer of research on pro-life issues, and emphasise the need for constant public engagement to share the results of that research. We do not believe in preaching to the choir.

Life Institute is a broad-based initiative with supporters throughout the country, and we have been particularly successful in bringing people together to work for life and families.

Life Institute is not affiliated to any political party or movement and campaigns on right to life and family issues only.

Our head office is based in 6 Gardiner Place, Dublin 1.


  • Protecting Human Life from fertilisation to natural death
  • Undertaking important research and reporting
  • Supporting families
  • Pro-life Education
  • Training and Leadership Direction
  • Communicating the Message