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PR: Enda Kenny 'Shows Callous Indifference' to Horrific Outcome of Abortion Act

The Life Institute has accused an Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, of showing a "callous indifference" to the damage caused to both mother and baby in the first reported use of the 2013 abortion legislation. 

Niamh Uí Bhriain of the Life Institute made her remarks today after Mr Kenny said he would not review the abortion provision despite the controversy surrounding the deliberate premature delivery of a baby boy at just 25 weeks, when his mother said she was suicidal.

"For the past month Mr Kenny has demonstrated no compassion whatsoever for the tiny baby struggling for life because of the abortion act," said Ms Uí Bhriain. "He has expressed no concern for the little boy's welfare, although this child now faces an enormous struggle and the possibility of brain damage and blindness, all because of the provision of the abortion legislation, which was pushed through the Dáil by Mr Kenny.

"Neither has an Taoiseach addressed the fact that the legislation clearly does not serve either mother or baby, since according to all the medical experts, abortion is not a treatment for suicidality in pregnancy," she added. 

The Life Institute spokeswoman said that Mr Kenny and his Minister, Leo Varadkar, has insisted that the law should not change because of one case, yet they had rushed to legalise abortion because of the misinformation around the  tragic death of Savita Halappanavar, which was later shown to have been caused by the mis-management of sepsis.

"If Enda Kenny has a conscience, I hope he is ashamed of what his law has deliberately inflicted on that tiny little baby boy, now gasping to take every breath. His abortion law has fallen at the very first hurdle, and Mr Kenny now must repeal this cruel and unworkable abortion act," she said. 


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