Abortion Review Committee

Is a golden circle going to really hold the abortion law to scrutiny? 

We need an objective assessment of what has happened since abortion was legalised in Ireland. It doesn't look like that will happen. 

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A lot of people are growing ever more uneasy about how Ireland seems to be run by those in the golden circle. 

The elites, the insiders, the politically connected. The ones who like  to tell us what to think, when to jump and how high. 

It used to be all about who you know, but lately it seems to be more about having the right opinions - on issues like abortion for example. 

In fact, what's now come out about the government's three year Abortion Review is very interesting. 

Like many people, you might have been a bit shocked at how quickly the abortion rate shot up after it was legalised. 

6,666 abortions in the first year - and almost the same number the next year. So much for Leo Varadkar's promise of it being 'safe' legal and rare'. 

The Review, you might think, would look at that disturbing rise in abortions - and also at the horrifying case of Baby Christopher aborted after a mistaken diagnosis of a severe disability - and the paper from UCC that says babies are dying in late-term abortions, or even more horrific, may be surviving them and dying as doctors are left 'begging for help'. 

These events made it especially important that the Review was fair, neutral and open to criticising the abortion regime. The last thing we need is a whitewash. 

But Gript Media has revealed that the a Trinity lecturer who has been asked to lead research to inform the Abortion Review was a campaigner to Repeal the 8th amendment. 

Dr Catherine Conlon spoke at events seeking to legalise abortion in 2018, with campaigners from Together for Yes. Yet she has been asked to produce research - research which should surely be free of bias or conflict of interests - on the experience of Irish women with the abortion regime. 

Her research assistant for the taxpayer funded commission from the HSE is Dr. Kate Antosik-Parsons, who describes herself on her website  as a reproductive rights activist and a co-convener for Repeal the 8th. 

Then came further revelations. 

The Chair of the Abortion Review was finally announced. Remember,  abortion rates have skyrockted, horrendous mistakes have been made, and late-term abortions are being carried out. 

A truly independent, neutral Chair for the Review was essential. 

But the candiate appointed by Minister Stephen Donnelly is barrister Marie O'Shea whose tweets showed a pattern in favour of legalised abortion and repeal.  

Is it a case of the golden circle - not even what you know, or who you know, but what you think? 

Many Irish women have already said they found their experience of abortion in Ireland "horrific" - and women deserve to know the truth about what's really happening with abortion in Ireland. 


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The Abortion Review must not be a whitewash. Please use the information above to contact your TD to demand a fair and balanced inquiry, examining the issues raised by the operation of the abortion legislation, including the sharp rise in the number of abortions; families coming under pressure to abort when a severe disability is diagnosed, late-term abortion and pain relief for the preborn baby; conscience rights for medical professionals, and more.

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