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The humanity of the unborn child is undeniable thanks to video footage taken inside the womb which shows the wonder of life. See the videos under the different headings here or watch some general videos below:

4D Ultrasound video of baby dancing in the womb

Life before birth is still largely a mystery to expectant parents, who have to rely on a handful of scans during pregnancy for a glimpse of their baby. But a 4D ultrasound video uploaded to the Meddy Bear Facebook page shows an unborn baby is already very active. 

It's not known where the ultrasound was filmed or who the parents are, but their baby has certainly become an internet star already with the video clocking up more than 2.9 million views. 

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Mathematical imaging of the developing child

Alexandar Tsiaras's mathematical imaging of the fetus in utero...

What we learn before we are born

Annie Murphy Paul on what the fetus learns in the womb...

Natural Geographic twins in the womb

Science photo fetus in the womb