PR: Condoning Rape?

PR: Is Harney Condoning Statutory Rape?


Youth Defence said today that the Minister for Health Mary Harney should apologise to parents for supporting the provision of the morning after pill to eleven year olds.

The chairman of Youth Defence, Eoghan de Faoite, said that no parent wanted their pre-teen daughter to be sexually active and that Ms Harney’s solution was, at best, an irresponsible sticking plaster on an increasingly serious problem.

Was Ms Harney aware that sex with an eleven or fourteen year old was statutory rape?” Mr de Faoite added. Ms. Harney’s concern should be with devising a strategy to discourage children from having sex, and not promoting the use of a drug of convenience which has been used by abusers to conceal the abuse of under-age girls.

Years of value-free, taxpayer funded programs had now created an unhealthy and dangerous social environment where young people were engaging in activity which they were not emotionally equipped to fully understand.The CPA which receives 6.5 million euros from the taxpayer yearly, refuses to acknowledge any other solution than the tired old mantra of more contraceptives and more abortion (and more profits for the providers of the morning after pill). Their well-paid strategists are failing the young people of Ireland.


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