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Pro-life witnesses at London and Washington Embassies 

07 July 2013

Pro-life activists are today staging witnesses outside Irish embassies in London and Washington DC in support of the Irish people who are under threat of abortion legislation being undemocratically foisted on them.
Andy Stephenson of Abort67 said “We are here in support of the Irish people who have rejected abortion in three separate referenda in recent years. The British nation saw a similar situation in 1967, when abortion was legalised by the parliament, not the people, on supposedly restrictive grounds. The architect of that legislation – Lord David Steele – later commented that ‘he never envisaged so many abortions’. We hope that Enda Kenny may never have to reiterate those sentiments; but his proposed legislation opens the door to abortion on demand. Similar ‘restrictive grounds’ here in Britain now result in 200,000 abortions a year.”
Those in the USA standing in solidarity with the Irish pro-life majority commented that “we hope that Ireland never has to witness the horrific reality of the abortion industry on their doorstep.” Kate Bryan of Live Action stated that “We have seen the devastating effects of legalised abortion in our country; over 50 million children violently killed, and millions of women and their families torn apart. The Irish government needs to learn from the mistakes of other countries, and acknowledge the damage that abortion causes”. “Abortion is bad, medieval medicine: Enda Kenny cannot ignore the medical evidence, or the Irish people, who do not want to legalise the killing of innocent children,” said Pat Mahoney, one of the witness organisers.
Claire Molloy of Youth Defence said “We are hugely grateful to communities abroad who are taking a stand with the Irish people, to highlight the huge injustice being carried out against their wishes. Such a fundamental issue should not be decided by a handful of people in the Dáil: the people deserve to be listened to, and if they continue to be ignored, they will remind Fine Gael of that in the next election.”


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At the Irish embassy in London


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