PR: Kennys barbaric law

PR: Enda Kenny must see that abortion law now shown to be unworkable and barbaric 

16 August 2014

Youth Defence has called on an Taoiseach Enda Kenny to immediately reconsider the repeal of last year's abortion legislation, as shocking reports of a baby being deliberately birthed prematurely at 25 weeks show the new law to be "unworkable and barbaric".

Spokeswoman Claire Molloy said the law did not afford sufficient protection to either mother or baby and placed doctors in an impossible position. "The law is clearly unworkable and is already producing horrific results which will have devastating effects. Far from providing clarity, the law now places conscientious doctors in an impossible situation," she said.

"What we saw last year was that all the medical experts agreed that abortion was not a treatment for suicidality, yet Mr Kenny pushed this legislation through. Given that the appalling scenario envisaged by critics of the legislation has immediately become a reality, an Taoiseach needs to act to repeal possibly the worst piece of legislation rushed through the House," she said.

Ms Molloy added that she hoped every care was now being offered to both mother and baby, and that reports to date indicated that the young woman involved was in fear of her life from other parties; a situation not improved by access to abortion. 

"It has been bizarre to see the reaction of abortion supporters reaction to this sad case on twitter and other forums. Their repeated refrain is to say the great pity here is that the baby - a real person now in a NICU unit - was not 'terminated'. Their lack of compassion is breathtaking," she said.


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