PR: Defeat of Wallace Bill

Billboard with #AbortionDiscriminates message tours Dublin as Wallace bill defeated 

A mobile billboard carrying a striking #AbortionDiscriminates message has been touring Dublin today as part of a campaign to build awareness by the pro-life group Youth Defence, who say that up to 90% of babies with a disability, including Down Syndrome, are now being aborted in other jurisdictions.

Welcoming the defeat of Mick Wallace's bill which targeted babies with a severe disability, spokeswoman Clare Molloy said that abortion was the ultimate form of discrimination, that every child has a right to life, and that every women deserved better than abortion.

wallace bill billboard

"Mick Wallace and other campaigners used language like 'incompatible with life' to describe babies who are alive and kicking in the womb, and he shamelessly targeted their disability to justify abortion," she said. "Mr Wallace and his allies are seeking abortion-on-demand and they should at least be honest about that," she said.

Caitríona Cronin, whose son Joseph is featured on the billboard said that the abortion numbers from Britain for children like Joseph were a tragedy. “We want Joseph to grow up in a culture that welcomes and embraces all children regardless of health or disabilities,” she said.

The billboard has already completed a two week tour of the country and Youth Defence said it would step up its campaign for the rest of the summer. "We'll be getting more of these billboards and having more conversations with people in every county, in every town, explaining why abortion discriminates, how abortion is eliminating people with a disability, and why we must demand better for women and babies," they said.

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