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Cuffe’s attempt to censor billboards “shameful” – Savethe8th

4th February 2018

Attempts by Ciarán Cuffe of the Green Party to have billboard posters published by Savethe8th censored are shameful, the campaign has said.

On twitter yesterday, Mr Cuffe announced that he would be writing to the advertising standards agency of Ireland (ASAI) to seek to have the billboards removed. The ASAI has no role in the regulation of political campaigns.

Responding to Mr. Cuffe, Niamh UiBhrian of Savethe8th said:

“One in five pregnancies in the UK end in abortion. That figure is not disputed. A poll by our colleagues in the Pro-Life campaign last year showed that only 6% of the Irish public are aware of this fact. Perhaps Mr. Cuffe is amongst them.

In this debate, it is essential that the public has access to the facts about the consequences of the decision they are being asked to take. We are being asked to endorse a UK-style abortion regime, and the facts about abortion in the UK are therefore very relevant to the debate.

Mr. Cuffe’s attempt to censor our message, which will not succeed, is utterly shameful. If Mr. Cuffe wants to debate our posters and their message in public, we will be happy to engage him at any time, and in any place. If nothing else, it will raise awareness of the facts which he is trying to cover up”. 


Note to Editors:

The poll finding that only 6% of the public are aware of the UK abortion rate was carried out by the Pro Life Campaign last year, and can be found here:


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