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“This was a baby!” Woman shares devastating fourth abortion experience, where she passed the intact body of her baby

A young woman has written a book, titled “No one to hear their cries” after undergoing her fourth abortion, where she passed the intact body of her aborted baby. Believing herself to have been “brainwashed” by the idea that the unborn child is not a human, CG Richardson wrote her book to help other women choose life, and to avoid the suffering she is experiencing on a daily basis as a result of her abortions.

According to Live Action, Richardson had believed what abortion facilities had told her about abortion; that it is not a human being, but just a bit of tissue. However, her fourth abortion experience was different to her previous abortions. She experienced intense cramping and heavy bleeding for several days, until a week later, she passed the intact body of her baby whilst sitting on the toilet.

“‘How could this be?’ I screamed,” she wrote. “Hesitantly I looked closely, examining every inch and there was no denying it: This Was a Baby!”

“I could plainly see the little eyes, nose, mouth, tiny little hands and feet that had already formed! I also saw blood vessels and the spine as the skin was very transparent! The thing that made me fall to my knees was looking at what I believe to be my baby’s heart. This little heart was once beating until I gave the order to have it stopped!”

It was at this moment that Richardson realised she had “killed my four babies!” Devastated, she became hysterical and started cradling the body and sung lullabies. Eventually, she wrapped and placed the baby in the box and drove to a friend's house, who then took her to a hospital.

Richardson tells of how she told the nurse at the hospital what had happened, but the nurse did not believe her until she too saw the remains of the baby.

“The look on her face was pure shock and then turned to disbelief. “You must be mistaken,” she responded. “Here, let me see what you’ve got in the box.” I slowly handed it to her. She cautiously opened and carefully unfolded the foil and tissue paper.”

“For a moment I thought she was going to scream out loud but instead she cupped her hand over her mouth. Tears started to fill her eyes as she said, “You are right! There’s no mistaking it! The little eyes, nose and tiny fingers are perfect!””

“She pointed out the precious little mouth as well. The mouth that would never be able to uttered [sic] a word! She slowly laid the box on the counter and draped the tissue across my baby ever so gently.””

Richardson was told that she had suffered a missed miscarriage and if she had waited any longer to go to the hospital, she would have died. She had a serious infection and was prescribed intravenous antibiotics.

Eventually the baby had to be taken away to pathology, and Richardson had to say goodbye to her child. “[O]ut the door she went carrying my tiny child never to see again. I prayed silently for this innocent child. The child I had tried to discard of so easily had come back into my life and I didn’t want to let go! I didn’t want to face what was going to happen and there was nothing I could do about it! I had made my choice the day of the abortion and there was no way to undo it!” she said. “I have to live with this memory for the rest of my life! This would be my final goodbye!”

“My doctor was a caring man. This day he was looking very tired and worn. He loved people, especially babies, and that’s why he became an OB/GYN.” Richardson said about her doctor, who she said was affected by the incident

“I’ve known of and personally seen girls that had to have a D&C just like you did. At times we have found the tiniest of body parts left inside the womb! A hand, an eye… It’s a very difficult thing to witness!” he'd said to her. “You are very lucky that your baby was intact when you held it in your hand. Imagine if a hand or eye was missing or dangling! It would have been 100 times more traumatizing than it was!” After the last statement, his eyes started to water, and he turned and walked out of the room.”

A recent study in Ireland also showed just how horrific the procedure is for both mother and baby.

In fact, “horrific” was one of the terms used by women who relayed their experience of taking the abortion pill.

The survey asked women to share their experience of abortion. It was evident from many of the responses that the outcome of taking abortion pills was not what they expected. Their experiences were shared anonymously.

“I was really shocked at how horrific the actual experience of the termination was. The doc said panadol would be enough. But I couldn’t keep water down. Vomiting, diarrhea, shaking, excruciating pain which all lasted 6 hours. I’m not sure if this is normal but it’s not what was talked about,” one woman wrote.

Another woman said she had not been fully aware of the pain and bleeding that would take place after taking the abortion pill.

“I didn’t feel like I was fully made aware of the pain and amount of bleeding. I was told ‘mild cramping’ – which was most definitely not the case… I was told to take 3 days max off work, and it actually took me 2 and a half weeks to recover , even then I still had heavy bleeding.”

One respondent said they “would like more in depth information about taking pills and more about the side effects.”

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