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PR: Abortion figures 'out of control' as new data suggests up to 10,000 terminations in 2023

Abortion figures are now 'out of control', according to the Life Institute, as new data released for the first six months of the year suggests that up to 10,000 terminations may take place in 2023 if the trend continues. 

Data released to Carol Nolan TD from the HSE suggested that more than 5,000 abortions have already been carried out in between January and June 2023. The HSE told Deputy Nolan that €1,515,600 had been spent over that six month period on ‘combined termination procedure and aftercare’. 

Since €300 is paid to service providers for this category of abortion it appears that some 5,032 abortions took place between January and June - which can only be described as a "horrifying rise in numbers coming straight after an already huge jump to 8,156 abortions in 2022" Megan Ní Scealláin of Life Institute said. 

 "If that trend continues, we are looking at 10,000 abortions in 2023 - despite voters being promised in the referendum that abortion would be 'rare'," she said. "The abortion figures are now out of control: the number is spiralling, clearly women are being made to feel that they have no other options and that abortion is the default option," she said. 

"The government should be ashamed of these numbers, and of their absolute failure - and lack of interest - in tackling the soaring abortion rate," said Ms Ní Scealláin said.  "Every abortion kills a baby, and  we need an intervention to stop aborting our future."  

She said that she agreed with Deputy Carol Nolan who described the situation as being a "humanitarian emergency."

She also called on the media to examine and investigate the numbers and to call the government to account. 

"In the very first we saw a disturbing number: 6,666 babies aborted in 2019. Then another 6,577 precious lives ended in 2020 - and a further 6,700 in 2021. After that a huge jump of 22% to a heart-breaking 8,156 babies killed by abortion in 2022. And now perhaps 10,000 in 2023. Where will this end? When will the government act?" she said. 

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