Brandi Lozier

Survivor #15 : Brandi Lozier

Name: Brandi Lozier
Survived Abortion: 1983
Place : US

Brandi's story

My name is Brandi. I speak for those who have NO voice, the unborn... the silent victims of abortion. This fight is something very near and dear to me, I was aborted yet I survived. I am the face of "choice" I am a walking medical miracle. I am here not as a hero, but as a survivor of the worst holocaust in the world known to man since the time of Hitler- the sin of abortion.

The day of my birth was anything but "happy" On September 12, 1983, my biological mother who wanted 3 boys and couldn't handle knowing I was a girl as well as a high risk pregnancy gave me the ultimate stamp of rejection that any mother could ever give to her child, the sentence of death imposed without just cause in the womb before birth. I was burned alive in her womb @ 21 weeks gestation by saline abortion. My biological mother's sister who drove my birthmother to the door of death was praying for a change of heart yet when it didn't happen, she continued to pray. After the long period of being left in the solution used that was intended to kill me and no sign of life, the nurse was prepaing to toss me out like trash when to everyone's shock, my arm shot up so they were aware that Brandi was indeed alive and the murder attempt was a total failure.

By the grace of God, I was spared the horrific act of infanticide which is commonly imposed on babies like myself who survive the traumatizing sentence of death in the womb by abortion for which some politicians have radically supported yet when confronted, fail to accept invitations to see the faces and hear the voices of ones they deem as worthless to society. How do I respond to them you may ask, forgiveness and even praying that they would come to understand the dignity of all life! I survived the extreme death attempt to be a voice for those given NO "choice", ones who will NEVER be able to speak and be loved by their mother who they already have begun to love, and like myself, are told that they have NO "rights" or "choice" which is WRONG!

Some people attempt to discredit those like myself who survive abortions and even deny our reality but though I have faced my fair share of struggles as a result of the circumstances of my birth, I am not hindered by shame and embarrassment nor do I allow any limitations from disabilities to silence me from sharing my story with the world as some would like to suggest of survivors who actively sacrifice everything including the very lives that were saved from brutal death sentences imposed against their will in the womb to engage in seeing abortion ended.

I have physical challenges as a result of being aborted but I don't allow them to be obstacles to hold me back, I overcome them and use them as a testimony of what God can do and has done inspite of the horrible circumstance of which I came into this world. I let the world know, as a baby in the womb of a pregnant woman, I didn't "choose" nor was I willing to accept abortion. 

My birthday was intended to be my death day. I am an abortion survivor. I am alive today and I represent the reality of abortion. My birth mom NEVER lost her parental rights being that her sister was ALWAYS there for me. My birth mom isn't the one who informed me of what she'd done and I was left in the dark until the age of 14 about the truth of my birth and why I wasn't what most considered "normal" being that I was sent to a "special" school as a toddler until my Kindergarten year when they somehow decided I was anti-virus enough to be with the regular kids in my grade. I was teased and picked on for my differences but though the days of my youth were tough not having much love and support from the woman who gave birth to me nor my biological father, I learned to use the tests and trials to make me stronger instead of tear me down as they were intended.

I haven't had the easiest road in life but though I've had to overcome so much so young not all because of anything I did, I use it all to help others and allow them to see that though someone may be different than them and have the "handicap" and "disabled" label by society, people with those gifts and talents can still be productive members of the human race. I am a quite handy young adult and I love wearing caps but my handiness is effective in helping others, especially those less fortunate than myself beginning with the unborn facing the same danger I survived. My abilities reach beyond the sky, nothing stops me from accomplishing anything and I don't give up or in easily to the "can't" campaign.

I lay my life down daily for the unborn and have seen some traumatic stuff on the frontlines of the fight to end abortion. I've not only seen babies saved, and hearts changed but I've also had to see countless doctors, lawyers, teachers, judges, presidents lose their lives without even asking to die before their birth. I've had to witness moms become severely injured and even die as a result of abortion but inspite of it all, I continue the battle and will do so with love exposing the truth until the shedding of innocent blood no longer stains this nation.

It's love and compassion that changes people, not judgmental hate so I hope something I've said has touched you and allowed a light in you to shine brighter and maybe ignite a passion in you to do what's not popular and defend those who can't defend themselves cause everyone deserves a voice and a chance to thrive to their fullest potential.

Although I've faced physical challenges and obstacles, I use my victory over them as an example and a testimony of being a living eyewitness to the power of God at work in everything which makes a difference in the lives of others. I'm gifted in my mission of using the challenges and obstacles I've overcome to make a difference in the lives of others. As a nationally recognized advocate for life, I travel the country being a voice for the voiceless, defending the defenseless and forgotten, and reaching out to those facing or who have experienced the trauma of abuse, struggles of adversity, and or the pain of loss!