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Bid to make abortion easier "a sales push" says Life Institute 


10TH MAY 2019

According to a RTE report, after just four months of legalised abortion, campaigners are already calling to have the 12-week limit pushed back - and the three-day waiting period scrapped. They estimate at least 10,000 Irish abortions every year under the new law. 

They also complain that babies with less severe disabilities who will live longer after birth are not included in the abortion-to-birth provision of the legislation. 

Niamh Uí Bhriain of the Life Institute said "the push for ever-more abortions is deeply disturbing. We're looking at a massive increase in the number of abortions - from about 3200 to 10,000 -  but its still not enough for abortion supporters. The call to abolish the three day waiting period is clearly a sales push, an attempt to remove any time for reflection or to allow a change of heart, or for women to get the love and support they need instead of abortion." 

"It's particularly sinister and disquieting that abortion campaigners want the disability grounds on which a child can be aborted - until birth - to be widened. What kind of a society are we creating where the more vulnerable you are, the easier it is to kill you before birth." 

"The Irish people will look back in deep regret at the appalling cruelty they unleashed in repealing the 8th," she said. "And that will happen sooner rather than later."


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