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The faux feminism of the 'repeal eight' hypocrites


I see you have invited abortion provider Ann Furedi to Dublin for a chat on the theme of: ‘Abortion and how to help us navigate the Irish Catholic misogynist oppressive laws’. Or something ‘original’ like that.

I am amazed at your hypocrisy and inconsistency, especially since I spent a year in your M.A. in Women’s Studies, Ailbhe, and Ann Furedi seems to represent everything that you used to criticise in UCD.

Furedi is the epitome of patriarchal power and money and yet you’ve invited her to Dublin because she supposedly cares so much about Irish women. Not unless there’s a very patriarchal price tag with BPAS written on it.

Ann Furedi

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1. Furedi makes lots of patriarchal cash – forced from the UK taxpayer.

Britons don’t have a say in these taxes and Furedi doesn’t seem to mind handling cash made from killing unborn babies. Ailbhe, I thought that you believed that forcing money from people was oppression? Funny, I’m sure that you used to say that in UCD.

Furedi Patriarchal points: 10 – up there with trafficking of unborn baby body parts.


2. Furedi says that she’s all for women’s rights, once you’re not still in your mother’s womb.

So all future women world leaders and feminists, is there any way you can bypass those nine intra-uterine months, because you will be more under threat there than probably in any other point in your lives. I’m certain that you talked about defending women leaders and feminists in UCD, Ailbhe. Did I hear you right? Now I’m beginning to wonder…

Furedi Patriarchal points: 11 – too crazy for just 10 – total inconsistency.


3. Furedi also thinks that all unborn with disabilities are fair game to be eliminated.

Now, Ailbhe, didn’t you used to talk about equality for all, when you were “lecturing” to us in UCD? Why, you even used to team up with the Equality Studies Centre in the university and brought in individuals with disabilities to talk to us. I’m thinking that they must have been in somebody’s womb at some stage. Ailbhe, I’m getting very confused at the way you keep on moving those goalposts…

Furedi Patriarchal points: 10 – for sheer hypocrisy.


4. Despite being a “charity”, BPAS makes lots of profits and reports increasingly healthy profits every single year.

It’s all about the money, money, money, Ailbhe, not about the women, women, women. I thought you used to get annoyed about women being exploited through various patriarchal institutions. You see why I’m becoming increasingly bewildered by your various inconsistent stances?

Furedi Patriarchal Points: 9 – seeing as the BPAS is a “charity”.


5. Furedi gives the thumbs up to abortion FOR ANY REASON, up to birth.

C’mon, Ailbhe. Is this really the statement of a reasonable woman? What if you change your mind about parenthood half-way through labour? Or remember you’re late for a hairdressing appointment? The clump of cells hasn’t become a human yet, as far as Furedi is concerned, so the “products of conception” are still fair game.

Furedi Patriarchal points: 15 – as these are clearly the ramblings soundbites of a person in total denial of reality, I am at a total loss on what to say.

Sad, isn’t it, the way Furedi needs money to make herself feel important. And I always thought that you said you had a problem with patriarchal symbols of power and oppression, Ailbhe?

Speaking of salaries, I do hope that your little group isn’t paying for Furedi’s flight and hotel stay, seeing as the woman is on at least £115,000 a year. But if you are paying… well, what can I say?

Yours etc.

Maria Horan

M.A. Women’s Studies, B.A. Arts, H.Dip.Ed., H.Dip.R.E., Dioplóma sa Ghaeilge Fheidhmeach, B.A. Ed.

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