VIDEO: 5 things they said would not happen

EXPLAINER: 5 Things They Told You Would Never Happen

Having watched the video, this article explains five of the false claims repeal campaigners made. 

1. Many abortion campaigners claimed that there would be a decline in the number of abortions if the 8th Amendment was repealed, making it more rare. 

The opposite has occurred however, with twice as many abortions happening in 2019, the first year of abortion being legalized, compared to 2017, the year before the 8th Amendment was repealed.

There had been a steady decline in the number of Irish residents accessing abortion in the UK for over almost two decades,  with 2,879 women travelling for abortions 2018 before abortion was legalized compared to  6,673 women making the journey in 2001 - a fall of more than 50%. It is estimated that 1,000 women may have also sought abortion pills online.   


2. A peer-reviewed study of Irish doctors performing late-term abortions shows that babies that are viable (who could survive outside the womb) are often being given a lethal injection to end their lives, contrary to the claims that such babies would be delivered under the proposed legislation. 



3. Simon Harris failed to include the fact that the legislation allows abortion right up until birth if the babies has a condition that means it is likely to die within 28 days before or after birth.



4. Orla O'Connor's statement that "there is no other way" to help women in crisis pregnancies than by removing the 8th Amendment fails to acknowledge the remarkable work done by support groups who have helped countless women continue with their pregnancy, be it with a baby who has a life-limiting condition, or a woman who has been raped.

Leaflet from support group Every Life Counts


5. Amniocentesis tests are often performed in early pregnancy to detect Down Syndrome, with legislation allowing an abortion-on-demand to occur for this disability or on any other grounds up to 12 weeks. Simon Harris falsely claims the government "specifically excluded disability as a grounds for termination", whereas in reality these abortions continue to be allowed, with no figures provided for how many are taking place.