Joint Committee on Abortion

Joint Committee on 8th Amedment

What they said: See the bad, the good and the deeply shocking statements made at the Oireachtas Abortion Committee – a process so biased and flawed that its own members, Mattie McGrath and Rónán Mullen have described it as a farce.

The 8th Committee is a sham designed to introduce abortion.

Peter Thompson: 29 November 2017

Abortionist Peter Thompson describes late-term abortion of baby with a disability to the Abortion Committee in cold, clinical language – 

As there is an increasing chance of fetuses being born alive after 22 weeks of gestation, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists recommends that the fetal heart is stopped by performing feticide prior to the termination of pregnancy for cases after 22 weeks of gestation unless the abnormality is not compatible with life. In other words, the poor baby is given a lethal injection to the heart. 

Ireland can do better than this savagery. #SaveThe8th

Ronan Mullen: 29 November 2017

Rónán Mullen calls out abortionist Peter Thompson on his views on late-term abortion for babies with disabilities. #SaveThe8th

Patricia Lohr: 22 November 2017

"Rónán Mullen: What is the estimate of overall number of abortions carried out?

Dr. Patricia Lohr: I do not think I can give a number. It is hundreds or thousands, maybe. I do not keep track."

Such flippant disregard for life. This is the "expert witness" being invited over here at tax-payers expense to tell the Irish how to import British abortion problems.

Kate O'Connell: 15 November 2017 

See for yourself the disgusting and outrageous things Kate O’Connell, Fine Gael TD, said about adoptive parents at the Abortion Committee – asking if women with crisis pregnancies would be used as a “source of supply of babies to childless people”. 

There has been no media frenzy about her cruel remarks on adoption which have caused serious hurt to so many families.#Savethe8th

Veronica O'Keane: 23 October 2017

Veronica O’Keane made the bizarre and unprofessional claim yesterday that the mental health of every person in Ireland was damaged by the 8th. 

When Mattie McGrath TD asked her if this was backed up by research, she had to admit it wasn’t. When he asked her to comment on GENDERCIDE (aborting babies just because they are girls) she refused. Pro-abortion TDs heckled and sneered when any questions were asked. Mattie McGrath was dead right to walk out. 

The Abortion Committee hearings are a farce, and a sneering, contemptuous display of pro-abortion arrogance. #SaveThe8th

Peter Fitzpatrick and Peter Boylan: 23 October 2017

Horrifying that Dr Peter Boylan won’t say that the baby in the womb has any rights - and only considers the baby do be a patient if a woman ‘opts to continue with a pregnancy’. 

Excellent questioning here from Peter Fitzpatrick TD.

Dr Sabaratnam Arulkumaran: 23 October 2017

Watch Dr Sabaratnam Arulkumaran tell the Abortion Committee to follow Britain’s abortion on demand model. That model has led to 200,000 abortions every year; I in every 5 babies being aborted; 90% of babies with Down Syndrome being aborted; a 38% repeat abortion rate; and abortion clinic staff getting bonuses to sell abortion to vulnerable women. 

No thanks. Instead of following failure, in Ireland we will provide a better answer to mothers and babies.

Kate O'Connell: 23 October 2017

Kate O’Connell’s rant at the Abortion Committee concluded with the wild claim that “we’re all abortionists in this room”. Interesting. 

We’re sure Mattie McGrath, Rónán Mullen and Peter Fitzpatrick might disagree. 

Dr. Rhona Mahony: 10 October 2017

Oops! A case of ‘don’t ask the question if you don’t know the answer’ maybe? Ireland is a safe place for pregnant women. Senator Lynne Ruane asked Dr Rhona Mahony to comment on claims that Ireland was a safe place for pregnancy women, so she “wouldn’t have to hear [the claim] every week”.  

Dr Mahony answer showed that Ireland is safer than the US (where abortion on demand is legal), and than the UK, and that our maternal mortality rate is very low.

Mattie McGrath: 10 October 2017

Shocking: Mattie McGrath TD asks Dr Fergal Malone why there are such HIGH rates of abortion on disability grounds in the Rotunda in contrast to other hospitals – Malone says that 57% abortion rate for babies with Down Syndrome is “balanced”.


Peter Fitzpatrick: 23 October 2017

At what point do you decide that the baby is no longer your patient.

Peter Fitzpatrick, TD, asks the 8 Committee. Well done for calling them out! 

WHO Reps conversing with Ronan Mullen: 17 Oct 2017

The WHO at the Abortion Committee hearings try to explain to Rónán Mullen why they would not want women to hear an ultrasound of baby before undergoing abortion.

Kate O'Connell: 17th October 2017

“Is it a good thing” that because women couldn’t access abortion in Ireland “we have all these children who are allegedly alive now?”, demands Kate O’Connell, Fine Gael TD, at the Abortion Committee hearings. We imagine that those children and their mothers would answer ‘YES’. Every child – not just those born into money and influence – is equally important. 

Dr. Abigal Aiken: 10th October 2017

Pregnancy care is extremely expensive ... MORE expensive than abortion

at the Abortion Committee, Abigail Aiken, who supports groups who send abortion pills illegally to Irish women, was asked about the cost of abortion. That was her shocking response. 

An interesting insight into how abortion supporters think. She DIDN’T say that the real cost of an abortion is the life of an innocent child. #SaveThe8th

Dr. Ronald Johnson: 10th October 2017

"It should be easy.. abortion is simple thing". Watch Dr Ronald Johnson who was invited at taxpayers expense to 'advise'' our politicians. He was asked by Jerry Buttimer, FG TD for Cork South Central, about establishing an abortion regime. He said 'it should be easy... abortion is a simple thing' ... 'but you have to have the personnel who are enthusiastic'. We agree with one point, yes its EASY to take the life of a defenseless living human being - but we hope that we don't have 'enthusiastic personnel' who are willing to carry out deaths of preborn children. 

Peter Fitzpatrick: 3rd October 2017

Fair play to Peter Fitzpatrick TD who voted against repealing the right to life of babies. 

Watch him remind the Committee about the humanity of the baby in the womb. 

Mattie McGrath: 3rd October 2017

Exactly: Mattie McGrath asks the right question at the Abortion Committee: “In this paper there is not a single mention of the rights of unborn children. Does the Human Rights Commission believe these children have NO rights?”