Citizen's Assembly

Submission from Life Institute to the Citizen's Assembly

In 2016, government asked a Citizens Assembly to look at the 8th amendment, although their attempts to sell the measure as an impartial initiative was undercut by statements by senior Government Ministers who made it obvious that they expected the Assembly to recommend changing the 8th.  

Life Institute criticized the decision to ask any assembly which children should live and which should be killed, and pointed out that the right to life was a fundamental and intrinsic right which could not be taken away by any Assembly or government.  We also pointed to the bias evident in the experts called to the Assembly, with abortion providers and campaigners being presented as impartial commentators. 

In due course, the Assembly announced that it would be welcoming submissions from members of the public on the topic of the 8th amendment so that their views could be taken into account by the Assembly. While our serious concerns about the Assembly remain, it was important to ensure that a submission pointing to the humanity of the baby, the need to protect both mother and baby, and the importance of retaining the 8th was sent to the Assembly.

Download our submission here...