Information is Key

Information is a key factor in ensuring a pro-life future. Important developments in the legal, medical, and political fields are being sent by the Life Institute to increasing numbers of people.

Research and Reporting

Research is given a high priority at the Life Institute. Data from relevant fields is collected on all aspects of life issues, and high-quality reports are produced and widely distributed.

Leaflets, Booklets, and Reports

Our aim is to present information in a format that is useful, educational, and accessible to the reader. Our publications have been widely praised for the quality of their content and design. We believe that every Irish citizen is entitled to the facts concerning the pro-life debate, and we work to provide them with the information they need.


The Life House at 6 Gardiner Place is a centre of Internet excellence and produced the first interactive pro-life website in Ireland. The Learning Centre joins years of research with continuous updating by our news and design team. A weekly e-zine is also distributed to thousands of members and supporters.

Project Example: Medical Research Report


Women Have the Right to Know: Adverse Effects of Induced Abortion - A modern, medical report for doctors and health care professionals.


To research and review all available contemporary data on the effects of abortion on women and men and to present the information to as wide an audience as possible.


The report was sent to every doctor, psychiatrist, and health care professional in Ireland. A summary was also made available for surgeries, copies of which have been requested from many countries, including Australia and Nigeria.

This Report is timely. I recommend it without reservation.”

Prof Eamon O’Dwyer, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

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