Educating on Life Issues

Our Irish schools programme began twelve years ago as an innovative initiative which sought to share with students the amazing miracle of life before birth. Its website has become a highly popular online resource, which is currently available in seven languages, and is also being used by several medical schools and universities worldwide.

This was also the first Irish schools programme to draw on breakthroughs in cutting-edge technology to reveal the wonder of life in the womb. As such, it is a truly ground-breaking programme, which remains hugely popular with schools. Teachers love the programme because of its beautiful design, presentation, and its succint and clear content. Its popularity with students further derives from the custom-made schools DVD, learning materials, and educational add-ons (posters, booklets, webguides) that give participants an amazing insight into the first nine months of childhood.

The programme includes:

  • A high-quality DVD with clear, beautiful images of the developing child
  • A specially designed schools presentation given by trained members of the schools team
  • Stunning classroom materials including wall posters, booklets, and web guides
  • A popular website used by schools and universities worldwide
  • Question and Answer sessions for students
  • Add-ons such as foetal models and pens


What Students have said:

The images were so clear, and it was amazing to see how early the heartbeat begins.”
I loved the section on twins, they were so cute.”
I liked the way the presenter gave us time to ask questions and that we can go to the website to learn more.”
Makes you think about life in a different way.”

Project Example: Schools Programme


Ireland’s only life-affirming schools programme, which uses video, Internet, and printed materials to reveal the wonder of life in the womb.


To make our classrooms places of profound learning about the miracle of life. We provide modern teaching tools that students enjoy and that teach them to understand and respect life.


Irish secondary schools receive a pack containing wall charts, leaflets, web guides, and DVDs. School visits use our custom-made DVD and a multi-media presentation that students love. Our website receives millions of visitors and is used by students, parents, medical schools, and pregnancy centres worldwide.

10 of out 10 for your schools programme!

Liam O’Rafferty, Co. Mayo

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