Protecting the Family

The Family

The Life Institute defends the family from attack and highlights the anti-family policies of the government. We have campaigned for a better deal for families and for parents raising their children at home by:

  • Demanding that the State uphold the constitutional protection of the family
  • Campaigning for an end to anti-family policies such as tax-individualisation
  • Asking the State to support the family by providing housing and other services
  • Establishing a forum and support for families
  • Ensuring a better deal for families with our Family First project

Project Example: Family First Campaign


Advertisements in national and provincial newspapers, submission to the government, a dedicated website, a campaign leaflet, and a report to the Minister for Family and Social Affairs and the Minister for Finance.


To ensure that the government did not introduce any further discriminatory fiscal or tax-related legislation against families.


Newspaper adverts directed people to The Life Institute's website and our reports and leaflets, and informed them of government plans to further discriminate against single-income families. It galvanised single-income families to contact their local representatives and the Minister for Finance and that budget saw a payment of €1,000 go to every child under the age of six.

Thanks for making this happen for families.”

Caroline Davis, Lucan

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