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Last week, Youth Defence broke the news that Mick Wallace, the Wexford TD, had made a strident call for abortion to be legalised in Ireland. Wallace made his demands in the Dáil where he urged the government to legalise abortion.

Youth Defence posted the news on Facebook, where it provoked a flurry of comments, all completely opposed to Wallace’s view. The charge many commentators laid against Wallace was that he was a “hypocrite”.

It’s easy to see why. Wallace has long styled himself as a man of the people, an anti-war activist, and a champion of the vulnerable. He achieved notoriety when he hung a large banner on one of his building sites on the Quays in Dublin which, in a reference to US troops using Shannon, stated: “We have the blood of Iraqi children on our hands”.

Yet now he wants the Irish people to allow the killing of innocent Irish children by legalising abortion. The irony of it.

Wallace’s call was a strident one: he insisted that abortion should be legalised, and accused Ireland of denying women their most fundamental rights. He even said our lack of abortion facilities was a “human rights problem”.

What was most striking about his speech was that he never once even recognised the unborn child. He showed no compassion for the baby; no compunction about legalising a procedure that would so brutally end their lives; and no regard whatsoever for the right-to-life of the child.

And, for a man of the people, he was very anxious to dismiss the will of the people.

Wallace demanded that the Minister for Health, James Reilly, “explain the reasons behind the refusal to accept six recommendations from European countries that Ireland should legislate for abortion”, referring to a recent hearing where six countries including Britain and Denmark called for Ireland to allow the killing of unborn children.

He then went to admit that government had refused to act on the X case because they were “afraid of what the public might think”.

It goes without saying that the developer-turned-politician, who recently faced legal sanctions for failing to pay his staff contributions into their pension fund, didn’t flag his abortion-supporting views during the election campaign. Amongst those angry commentators on Facebook were people who voted for Wallace and had no idea he favoured abortion.

He’s following a long tradition in pro-abortion campaigning of course. This rank hypocrisy is nothing new.

Following Youth Defence’s alert, Wallace’s office received a slew of calls opposing his stance. At first his staff were defiant, stating they were ‘pro-choice’ and, bizarrely, that Wallace’s stance was about supporting democracy.

By the following day, they had softened their cough, and were claiming that Wallace supported access to abortion for suicidal woman – indicating that the TD has not even bothered to keep with the scientific literature which overwhelmingly shows that abortion is absolutely contra-indicative for women with suicidal ideation.

Either way, Wallace is standing by his demands. It’s up to all of us now to make sure the people of Wexford know what their new TD wants to foist on the people.

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