It has become increasingly clear that, over the last ten decades the women’s liberation movement across the globe, which had noble aims in its infancy, has become an oppressor of women’s freedom. In grasping masculine equality, the feminist movement, in her pro-abortion ideologies, has rejected the most integral part of womanhood – motherhood. And in assuming this stance has promoted an industry which has been abusing and violating women, born and unborn, in the name of choice, equality, freedom and aid.

The feminist movement claims that “it is a woman’s right to access reproductive choices including free and legal abortion, on demand without stigma.”  But the abortion industry is one of the largest money making businesses in the world, and it preys on women’s insecurities and vulnerabilities.  HOW can a movement which claims to be “an advocate and supporter of the rights of women,” support an industry that makes billions of dollars every year from the exploitation of women.  And it is claimed that if abortion was not freely available women would turn to unsafe back street procedures and endanger their lives further.

However, providing abortion legally does not make it safe.  Statistically speaking, induced abortions increases the risk of breast, cervical, ovarian and rectal cancer.  Uterine perforations, cervical lacerations, placenta praevia, premature birth and ectopic pregnancy are common following abortion.  This is before we begin to talk about the psychological effects on women after abortion. Post abortion syndrome is so prevalent it was classified in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disordersas a variant of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

Every study ever conducted finds a correlation between abortion and reduced mental health to some degree. So why do feminist organisations not kick up a fuss about the amount of trauma inflicted on tens of millions of women all over the world every year by an exploitive industry?

A historian and activist Cheris Kamarae once famously remarked that: ”feminism is the radical notion that women are human beings.”  But in the abortion debate mothers are not the primary victims of this violent act, but the unborn child.  One could mirror the above quote and say: “belief in the right-to-life is the radical notion that the unborn child is human.”  In our world today the United Nations estimate that there are 200 million missing women.  This “gendercide” has occurred mainly in Asia due to the stigma of having a baby girl or the horrendously oppressive one-child policy of China, where male children are favored over female children.  Some might say that the genocide of females is a problem with each of these individual societies but this is a world-wide problem that stems from a fundamental lack of respect for human life, of which abortion is a contributory factor.

What a contradiction, a movement that claims to be pro-woman and also to be pro-abortion. The feminist movement claims to strive for the liberation rights and freedoms of the female gender but also seeks to oppress her dignity, health and wellbeing by demanding access to abortion and denying one of the most fundamentally beautiful attributes of womanhood – motherhood.  The abortion industry is dangeous, exploitive and oppressive.  To be “pro-choice” is to be pro-abortion and completely anti-women.

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