Often, young people who are faced with a pregnancy consider themselves too young to have a child. They prefer to have an abortion because a child changes their lives and they do not feel ready. But can we really be ready for the coming of a child? Was Joseph ready for the coming of Jesus?

Certainly a child changes a life: nights are short when you need to change nappies, to cook, to take care of a child, and it doesn’t stop when we are sick or tired. It’s certainly not an easy task – but it is something wonderful.

Bruno and his son Edouard

It’s your chance to be able to hold a child in your arms and to know that there is a part of you in this little being. You hold the small hands, he is so fragile and everything in you wants to protect him. And then you help him grow and awaken; he begins to smile, he understands what you say, he begins to crawl, he walks and then he runs.

He starts to copy you, asserting himself by eating without your help, imitating your actions, you see in his eyes the love which he carries you, you are an example for him, his whole life depends on you.

It is so magnificent to be able to see this child, without whom we previously lived but whom now fills our world; innocence, his gestures, his words that make you laugh. When he is sick, you are not well, when he is happy, you are happy, the tables are turned and you want only for him to have a good life.

When he cries at night, you have only a desire to hug, to reassure him, to tell him that everything goes well and simply to calm him. And he calms you too.

All this is so wonderful, and we can thank the Holy Family for the example of such good parents.

But all of this love, this tremendous connection, begins well before birth. It begins 9 months before, when love and union of two beings brings a child. He existed then as now, his heart began beating, he kicks, and abortion would have ended all that.

That is why we have to make young people aware of the wonder of life, and continue the work which builds Ireland’s pro-life ethos. To give birth is difficult and challenging when you are young, but it beings new treasures every day.

Being a mother or a father is a great privilege and brings great love. I’m glad the pro-life movement shows how to make the world a better place.

The paternity and the maternity are notions universal as the impact of the work of the prolife association, that is why we have to unite with them to make the world a better place.

Bruno Pinard Legry is a French intern with Youth Defence and father to the most gorgeous 2 year old boy.



Bruno F/ French, engineer, daddy to a beautiful little boy Edouard


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