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Abortion pill pushers put women's lives in danger

Niamh Uí Bhriain had a great article in the Journal this week where she pointed out that campaigners who were pushing illegal abortion pills were putting women’s lives in danger and were ignoring the baby whose lives were ended. She also points out the hypocrisy of the media who were silent when a woman was prosecuted for using abortion pills in Britain.

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LAST YEAR, AN Irishwoman, who almost bled to death after taking the abortion pill, wrote that she had spoken out about her horrific experience because she didn’t want a young girl to ‘take these pills and end up dead in a pool of blood’.

“Sorry,” she added, “but it’s the reality of it.”

The then-Master of the Rotunda maternity hospital, Dr Sam Coulter-Smith, one of the country’s leading obstetricians, also spoke about the reality of taking abortion pills unsupervised. He cautioned that incorrect administration of the drug could lead to perforation of the uterus, and warned that this had caused women to die.

His warning is worth repeating: taking abortion pills that have been ordered off the internet, without medical supervision, can kill you.

Yet these stark warnings are being ignored by campaigners who are eager to use the online availability of these pills to push to have abortion-on-demand legalised in Ireland.

The safety of women, and, obviously, that of their unborn babies, is being recklessly and callously endangered by these actions.

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