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Four things that won't happen because Hillary Clinton lost

Like most of you, I’m still trying to make sense of what happened last night. As Marco Rubio said during his concession speech, only Trump saw the tsunami coming, and now he’s ridden the wave right into the White House. What does that mean? We can’t possibly know that yet. The catharsis that many beleaguered non-liberals feel at the stunning, shoving repudiation given to an establishment that informed a huge segment of the American population that they were racist—even if they didn’t realize it—that they were transphobic—even if they hadn’t heard the term before–along with a slew of other unflattering and recently invented epithets may not last. America voted against the elite establishment, and for the wild card. It may be a wild ride.

I spent most of the primaries hoping for anyone, anyone but Donald J. Trump, and so I won’t begin to re-articulate my concerns about him here. I’ve done that ad nausea in a dozen or so columns leading up to Election Day. The only thing I retract from my analysis is my assertion that he couldn’t win.

We don’t know what will happen yet, but let me run through a just a few things that we now know won’t happen because Hillary Clinton was formally exiled from political life.

Planned Parenthood, the world’s biggest abortion provider, will now have no influence whatsoever on the president of the United States. Hillary Clinton has been with these corpse-selling ghouls from Day One, and they went all in for her, blowing millions of dollars to ensure that Clinton’s pay-to-play scheme would land them a permanent place on the Oval Office couch. It failed. I know that rejoicing in someone else’s gloom is not very gallant, but in the case of the insidious Cecile Richards I think it’s entirely justified. The only good news for the abortion activists last night was that the ice water running through their veins could not possibly run colder. (The picture accompanying this column, by the way, shows Ilyse Hogue of NARAL Pro-Choice America, one of the nation’s loudest abortion advocacy groups, watching Hillary’s crushing defeat unfold.)

The Vice President of the United States will not be a pro-abortion politician. Mike Pence has one of the most outstanding pro-life records of any politician, and to see him speak on the issue—as I did when he was a Congressman six years ago—is to see a man who truly cares about pre-born children. He is also a man who understands that religious liberty must be protected, and Christians should be comforted by his presence and his proximity to the highest office in the land.

The Hyde Amendment will not be repealed. Pro-lifers will not be forced to pay for the physical destruction of other people’s children. Many, many lives have been saved as the result of the Hyde Amendment, and many lives will continue to be saved because Hillary Clinton will not receive the opportunity to shred it.

Hillary Clinton will not have the opportunity to select Supreme Court justices, justices she promised would uphold the fictitious right to kill children in the womb and surely would have struck massive blows to freedom of speech, religious liberty, and the traditional family. We do not yet know what sort of justices Donald Trump will select—we can only hope that he will stand by his commitment to appoint “Scalia-like justices,” as he said—but we can heave a huge sigh of relief that Clinton’s abortion radicalism will not be installed in black robes to preside over the life and death of more children.

So there you have it. I’m not going try and write a prediction column, because if this election cycle showed us anything, it’s that such columns are useless. But there, at least, are four things that we know will not happen. Taken on their own, it was a very, very bad night for the abortionists and their activist enablers.


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