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An Open Letter to Mr. Heald: Please support the Abortion (Cleft lip, cleft palate and club foot) Bill tomorrow

Dear Mr Heald

Many thanks for your recent reply to my letter regarding the Westminster vote on forcing abortion on Northern Ireland.

I am writing to you for two reasons. Firstly, I am writing today to ask you to stand up for equality for disabled people and confirm whether you will be publicly supporting the Abortion (Cleft Lip, Cleft Palate, and Clubfoot) Bill when it is brought to the House tomorrow? I am horrified that it is currently legal to abort babies through to birth solely because they are diagnosed with either cleft lip, cleft palate, or clubfoot. Official abortion statistics for England and Wales show that due to underreporting, these figures are likely to be much higher than recorded, according to a report by the Department of Health & Social Care. Cleft lip, cleft palate and clubfoot can, however, all be corrected by surgery, and treatment for clubfoot is successful for the vast majority of patients.

I understand how busy you are but if you are willing to publicly support this bill, I would really appreciate it if you could let me know as this matter is very important to me.

The second reason that I am writing is to ask you to support Northern Ireland against the horrific Abortion Bill being foisted upon them against their will, also being debated by MLAs tomorrow. Right now, the North needs as many people to stand as possible to stand with her, as the push for this abortion bill is part of a much bigger plan being rammed through by groups such as BPAS, whose CEO Ann Furedi is trying everything in her power to have abortion to birth in the UK for any reason (as demonstrated by her admiration for Andrew Cuomo’s New York abortion to birth Bill last year) and the Northern Irish Abortion Bill is simply her Trojan horse and that of Diane Johnson and Stella Creasy. Simply put, if the extreme Northern Irish Abortion Bill is signed off, Furedi will campaign for this law to apply to the whole of the UK. That is her gameplan.

The second part of the Furedi Plan is to ensure the ludicrous Abortion Pills By Post is maintained indefinitely, approved with no Parliamentary scrutiny and after a bizarre governmental U-turn on the issue. It means women and girls across the UK are now left to deliver their own dead unborn child at home without direct medical supervision. So we now have the preposterous situation where a ten-year-old may not obtain paracetamol without her parents’ permission (and rightly so) but she can now “manage her own abortion” at home, while crayoning in her colouring book and playing with her dolls. Or how about the abusive man who has failed to kick the unborn child out of his heavily pregnant girlfriend and so has obtained abortion pills for her, courtesy of the NHS / UK taxpayer and will force-feed them to her or he’ll kill her as well as the child. Who is verifying the authenticity of such claims? Who indeed. Women have started to speak out about the “hell” they experienced while taking abortion pills. Already a woman who was 28 weeks pregnant obtained such pills (18 weeks past the legal limit for such abortions) and gave birth to a stillborn child and now the situation is being investigated by the police and wait for it, the abortion industry itself. And another woman stated that it took her less time to sort out [her abortion] than to do her Asda shopping. Truly sad and deeply worrying.

Such is the contempt that the Abortion Industry holds for women and children that once their profit line is maintained, they do not care how many women and girls are injured or die. And once the COVID-19 pandemic is under control, Big Abortion’s callous treatment of vulnerable women and children and those who are being abused and raped while being forced into coerced abortions will be glaringly apparent to the public. 

Both Christian Concern and SPUC have assembled very clear guidelines and questions that need to be asked about this sudden move to DIY abortions in the UK. As CC put it, how ironic that abortion advocates claim legal abortion protects women from “backstreet” abortions yet this is exactly what the UK Abortion Industry has delivered, also known as “toilet bowl” and “chemical coat hanger” abortions. Complete patient abandonment is actively promoted, while women have to deliver their dead child at home with no emotional, medical or emergency support. They don't need running water, a phone line or even an actual roof over their head to obtain an “At Home Abortion” kit.  How truly barbaric. 

Thank you for your attention and for representing my views in Parliament.

Yours sincerely

Maria Horan

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