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Spitting in the Face of Black America and Calling it Rain

To spit in the face of another human being is a visible sign of contempt. Anyone witnessing such an act unquestionably knows there are no gray lines of ambiguity concerning the meaning of such an act. Even those witnessing it are impacted because the act is so vile. 

For more than a century, America’s leading abortion provider has targeted Black women in their eugenic quest to control their population. From the launch of their Negro Project in 1939 until today, they have waged a campaign to control the Black birth rate. For decades they masqueraded as friends of the very people their mission drove them to destroy. They deliberately wove a tapestry of lies to cloak their founder as a champion of women, especially Black women. No matter how many books, documentaries, and opinion pieces unraveled the real story, the organization paid millions to craft narratives that covered the holes truth made in the stories they wove.

And then this happened   more than three hundred employees of the organization came together to reveal Planned Parenthood is “steeped in white supremacy”. Two weeks later they acknowledged  “Planned Parenthood’s contributions to historical reproductive harm within communities of color”. They spoke of the internal culture that allowed employees to be treated differently based on their skin color and announced the organization decided to take their founder’s name off of the building located on Bleeker Street in New York City. 

Their act of removing the name from the building is nothing more than one more example of them spitting in the face of Black America. There is no reason to rejoice because removal of the name does nothing to change the hearts of those inside that building and all their other buildings where the taking of Black lives is celebrated. Even with more than 79% of their surgical facilities located in Black and Latino neighborhoods, they construct, after a careful relocation analysis, larger and larger facilities in those neighborhoods in hopes of carrying out their mission of obtaining a population of a stable size. A soon to be published new study reveals "30% of all U.S. abortions in 2014 occurred in just 1% of U.S. counties (25 counties out of 3,013). These 25 counties contain 19% of the U.S. population and generally include a large city and robust minority communities. They are home to 28% of the U.S. Black population and 37% of the U.S. Hispanic/Latino population."

They and foundations supporting them pay firms such as Belden Russenello Strategists to craft plans on how to respond to prolife messaging, urging them to keep the focus on healthcare not babies. They run campaigns to characterize Black babies in the womb as a disease to be gotten rid of  lest the moms die. 

They believe themselves so insulated from the law they can steal taxpayer funds through overbillingThough ineligible for the funds, they applied for and received more that 80 million taxpayer dollars from the recently initiated paycheck protection program all the while continuing to abort babies charging between $450-1000 for each one. Adding insult to injury, they have sold the body parts  of the mostly Black and Latino babies they aborted. 

Planned Parenthood has drenched Black America in their spit, all the while claiming it is a life benefiting rain. It is time to take a bath Black America. Wash away the lies they have poured into the community. It is time to save our babies. More than 20,000,000 Black lives is enough.



Catherine Davis is President of the Restoration Project and her article is republished here with permission. More information on the Project here

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