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March for Life in Malta celebrates “love for unborn child”


A March for Life held in Valletta, Malta, on Sunday brought crowds of pro life supporters out on the streets to celebrate the “love for the unborn”

The march's theme, Il Ħajja Dritt (Life is a Right), according to the Life Foundation Network, was inspired by the idea that human rights are meaningless without the right to life.

Before the march, people congregated around a sizable printout of a newborn baby that was positioned across the stairs that led to the Prime Minister's office, the Auberge de Castille.

Many marchers carried Maltese flags, posters featuring images of newborns, and placards with messages like "Kun il-vuci tieghi" (be our voice) and "Pro-life= Pro-Woman." 

After walking down Merchants' Street, St. John Street, and Republic Street, the group arrived at Republic Street, where several activists gave speeches.

Daniella Zerafa, a senior lecturer in social policy and social work at the University of Malta's Faculty for Social Wellbeing, mentioned in her speech that she had encountered many pregnant women in challenging circumstances during her career. Zerafa emphasised that it is crucial that there is support available to families who may be suffering financial or social difficulties, claiming that “the child in the womb is not just the responsibility of the mother, the father, or their family, but all of society is responsible for that baby in the womb”. 

She also told the story of a young girl she had worked with when she was a social worker. She said that she had given the girl an explanation of abortion since she had asked questions about it. Zerafa said that she "explained it to her, and after some time in silence, her eyes filled with tears and she started to cry." When Zerafa asked the young girl why she was crying, she replied saying "They could have done that to me as well, killed me before I was born, and I would have not been able to do anything to stop them".

Pro life supporter Patrizia Sandoval said that although Malta is a small island, “it is the brightest star in Europe as it continues to fight for life and promotes a pro-life culture”. 

Sandoval has spoken about the three abortions she had undergone when she was in the United states. “After each abortion I suffered and so did my boyfriend. We did not know we were suffering post-abortion syndrome" she continued. She stated that she was unaware and uninformed that the life she was carrying was anything more than a “sack of cells”.

Another speaker at the gathering was Martha Abdilla Mulholland, a student at MCAST pursuing a degree as a Learning Support Educator. She told the March that she has always recognised the value of life, from conception to death. She claimed that being pregnant has not prevented her from pursuing her goals and that pregnancy "is a road that brings much joy to your life". 

Leader of the Life Network Foundation and coordinator of the demonstration, Miriam Sciberras, concluded the speeches by highlighting the unborn child's right to life. She drew attention to last year's demonstration, where thousands of pro life supporters gathered in Valletta to protest a reform of Malta’s abortion law.

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