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McAleese amongst other pro-abortion figures at ‘counter-Synod’ in Rome

Pro-life commentator Matt Moran had an interesting letter in the Irish Catholic on a counter Synod that took place at the same time of the Synod on Synodality in Rome last month. 

Amongst the speakers present was Jamie Manson, director of Catholics for Choice, a group from Washington D.C that aggressively campaigns for abortion in the US that is focused on convincing Catholics that it is aligned with Catholic values - and the former President of Ireland, Mary McAleese. 

It is worth noting that Catholics for Choice has been receiving masses of funding from foundations that also fund abortion, such as the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, the personal foundation of billionaire Warren Buffett, one of the world’s top ten wealthiest men, which has given the organisation more than $50 million since the year 2000. Catholics for Choice is also funded by George Soros, who has given millions to pro abortion organisations over the years.

Read his letter below

Dear Editor,

During the Synod on Synodality in Rome last month, a counter synod took place comprised of liberal feminist groups who want changes in Catholic doctrine on the ordination of women, blessing of same-sex marriages, gender ideology, and abortion. 

This event took place under the name of the Spirit Unbounded which describes itself as “a new international network of reform-minded Catholics”.

No surprise that Mary McAleese was prominent amongst the speakers or that she again lambasted Church leaders and ‘the patriarchy’ for the ‘oppression of women’. Another speaker was Jamie Manson, who describes herself as “a queer woman” and is Director of Catholics for Choice in the USA.

Catholics for Choice is an aggressive abortion campaign pressure group that is hardly distinguishable from its many secular counterparts except by its exclusive focus on opposing the Catholic Church’s resistance to abortion. In recent years it has aligned itself with the feminist movement for the ordination of women and the LGBT movement on gender ideology. The organisation is funded generously by leftist foundations, including George Soros.

The International Church Reform Network (ICRN) that includes associations of Catholic priests and lay movements posted on Facebook on 22 October 2021 a joint-event called Cocktails and Church Talk to be hosted by the Women’s Ordination Conference and Catholics for Choice four days later. The topics were women’s ordination to the priesthood and “reproductive freedom” which, of course, is code for liberal abortion.

Again, on 22 February 2022, ICRN posted on Facebook a Women’s Ordination Conference / Young Feminist Network event where one of the speakers represented Catholics for Choice.

The link between Catholic Church reform groups and the abortion movement is obvious and it indicates how the Catholic Church, like all other institutions, is being infiltrated by abortion campaigning groups. It now appears that Mary McAleese is aligned with the abortion movement.

Matt Moran
Co. Cork


These kinds of pro-abortion groups have been condemned as false by Catholic bishops on multiple occasions as they promote an agenda in an attempt to make support for abortion acceptable or even respectable in the Catholic community.

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