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Canadian Christian rapper releases song from the unborn baby's perspective

Chris Mackness, a Christian rapper from Ontario, has been performing as an artist for years under his stage name C-DOT. In this time he has gained over 10,000 subscribers on Youtube, and has uploaded a single with almost one million views. Mackness’ new song “The Cry” depicts the trauma experienced by victims of abortion. 

“I recently performed it acapella at a slam poetry championship at the art gallery of Hamilton, and there were five judges for every poem,” Mackness said, in an interview with LifeSite. ” For every other poem including my first poem [the judges] all gave great feedback, all very neutral, and it wasn’t until I performed “The Cry” that the first judge gave it a zero out of ten.”



Mackness stated that after the crowd was given an opportunity to weigh in on the performance, the reception was more positive. He said that “there was a good chunk of the people there who clapped in agreement with the zero out of ten, but then after that the rest of the judges gave nines and tens out of ten and the applause was much greater for the higher scores.”

Mackness believes this is due to the fact that although many people agree with the pro-life message in his music, they are nervous or anxious to speak up about their stance on the issue as they may fear how it might affect their life and relationships.

“When you [know] that there are other people that agree… you’re, like, ‘Wow, I’m not alone believing in what’s right, so I can clap as well, and I can support this as well, and there’s a whole community in agreement here.”

Mackness opened up about his anxieties in the days leading up to the performance, “Leading up, I was incredibly nervous, praying for days,” he said. ” I prayed with my girlfriend, prayed with my family, reached out to people, reached out to prayer teams, church groups. There were probably at least 80 to 150 people praying.” 

Rather than making ‘The Cry’ an attack on those who are in support of abortion, Mackness aimed at writing the song in a way that factually depicts the devastating reality of abortion.

“The song ends open-ended. I tried to make sure the song was not clear where it stands. …It lets the listener make the decision, but it just depicts [abortion] clearly,” he said. “The truth of abortion is that there is a life there, and so hopefully just by depicting the truth of the story that will lead people to that conclusion.”

“When I first wrote that chorus I was sobbing, actually sobbing. Spiritually I could feel the presence of the hundreds of millions of children who have been killed by abortion.”

"The Cry" consciously tries to spread love and understanding as Mackness believes that this is the most effective way to help people to open up their hearts and minds to different ideas and ways of thinking.


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