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Pro-life coffee company donates almost $300,000 to pregnancy resource centres in the US

Seven Weeks Coffee, a coffee company based in the US, has raised nearly $300,000 to donate to various pregnancy centres across the nation. The coffee company, named after the stage of pregnancy in which the baby is the size of a coffee bean, was founded by Anton Krecic in 2021 and since then has gifted 10% of its earnings toward many different pregnancy centres in the US which aim to provide support and resources to pregnant women in need and their families.

From the date of establishment in 2021 until June 2023, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade being overturned in the US, the company had raised about $125,000. In the 6 months since then it has raised the same amount. It has partnered with over 700 pregnancy centres nationwide thanks to its affiliate programme. Krecic credits the network of pregnancy resource centres and prominent pro-life advocates for their partnership and support, which has allowed the initiative to continue growing.

Krecic stated in an interview that pregnancy centres “see the real pains that people are facing” and credits them on “intervening in a crisis and acting as a shield and protector for mom and child.”

Seven Weeks Coffee works with pro-life groups like Sidewalk Advocates for Life and the Centre for Client Safety in addition to pregnancy resource centres. Even in the face of Governor of Pennsylvania, Josh Shapiro's, administration terminating its funding contract, the company was able to raise thousands of dollars for Real Alternatives, a network of pregnancy centres, in response to urgent needs.

Krecic said that the main objective of Seven Weeks Coffee is to help out pro life organisations through selling high quality coffee,  “Basically, what we’re trying to tailor is, ‘Hey, we sell coffee of an amazing quality.' So if that’s pregnancy centres, if that’s adoption clinics, organisations like Center for Client Safety that are shutting down abortion clinics — we’re going to find whoever we can that’s doing pro-life work and fund it through the sale of our coffee.” He continued by declaring that “pregnancy centres are there to help mother and child. Abortion clinics are there to make a sale, convincing mothers that abortion is their only choice,”


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