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US singer Olivia Rodrigo’s show halt distribution of morning after pill

Following strong criticism from the public, the distribution of emergency contraceptives and contraceptives has been brought to halt at concerts for a major singer in the U.S. 

This decision follows the concern of Olivia Rodrigo’s team about the message that may be sent out by distributing contraception at a show where there are children present.

The abortion access organisations that were handing out emergency contraception to concert goers responded to this decision by saying that they believe minors should be receiving these items, and some of the organisations still plan on attending the concerts for the purpose of handing out “information materials as well as hats, buttons and stickers” to promote themselves to the attendees, which includes those who are minors.

Destini Spaeth, chair of the Prairie Abortion Fund (a pro-abortion group that was present at Rodrigo’s concert in Minnesota last Friday), told Variety that she does not support the decision made by Rodrigo’s team and that she believes “There is something really positive about a 16- or 15-year-old having a Plan B and a few condoms in her dresser to use as she needs it”.

“Sex and sexual health tools — whether that be abortion, Plan B, condoms — are villainized because you’re [seen as being] promiscuous. We don’t look at it as a sign of responsibility. … If the kids aren’t getting the education that they need in school, at least they can rely on reproductive health organisations in their communities to get that information and resources to them.” Spaeth continued.

However, distributing such materials to minors is seen as problematic because they are under-age and aren't even old enough to give their legal consent. In addition, the idea that sex is just a recreational pastime has caused enormous harm to society and is ultimately one of the reasons behind so much loss of unborn life. Living a sexually active lifestyle carries many risks, the consequences of which are not something minors really understand. 

The Missouri Abortion Fund distributed stickers and other materials about abortion access to concert goers at singer Rodrigo's Tuesday night performance in St. Louis, Missouri this week. These materials included QR codes that posed the question, "Funding Abortion? It’s a good idea right?”. Abortion has been illegal in Missouri since 2022. Additionally, doses of emergency contraceptive "Julie" were given out. During her visit in Charlotte, similar items were given away.

In the past, levonorgestrel was said to have the ability to cause an abortion as it can prevent the embryo from attaching to the uterine lining. However, the FDA have since removed this warning from the packaging of the drug. The FDA now states that levonorgestrel prevents pregnancy only by preventing ovulation. The distribution of these "medications" to Rodrigo's audience that are directly related to sexual activity conveys the message that sex is acceptable for children and young teens and may even encourage them to engage in a lifestyle that they are not ready for.




Photo credit: Public Domain

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