Are they real?

Are the photographs real? 

It is a common tactic of abortion supporters to claim that abortion photos are a fake. This is the same tactic that Holocaust deniers use. Photographic evidence is hard to argue with so those who think abortion is a good thing, will try and discredit the evidence.

Newer Photographs

The Center for Bio-ethical Reform (CBR), an organization which secured a lot of abortion images, addresses such claims on their website, and includes the following quote from Anthony P. Levatino, M.D., J.D., who is both a physician and attorney:

I, the undersigned, having performed induced abortions earlier in my career, have examined the photos depicting the aborted human embryos and fetuses used by The Center For Bio-Ethical Reform in their public education projects ( It is my professional opinion that the photos depict aborted human embryos and fetuses and that the depicted aborted human embryos and fetuses are accurately captioned as to age, in weeks since fertilization.

 As to the age of the embryos and fetuses pictured, that is verifiable through any of the prenatal teaching texts listed in the "Medical Testimony" section, or through prenatal websites such as.


Older Photographs

The older photographs were challenged by pro-abortion advocates in France but a French High Court authenticated the photographs. In the photographs published on this site, we have given the date when the photos were taken, where they were taken and as much information as possible to authenticate the photographs.

Abortion lobby have a financial stake in availability

Abortion advocates have a significant financial stake in abortion's continued availability. It's easy to see why they argue the pictures are fake. The pro-life community, however, doesn't make money in opposing abortion. We lose money. Why would we do that in defense of a hoax?

The pro-life community exists because these pictures are real, because abortion does kill people, and that's a hard reality to argue with.


Abortion advocates admit that graphic images are real...