Abortionists Uncovered

Abortion practitioners and providers exposed

Abortion clinics and referral centres advertise in their literature that having an abortion is a painless, safe and easy procedure, carried out by a professional team who really care about womens' needs. That is the claim. The reality on the other hand differs dramatically as evidence of malpractice and reports of unsanitary conditions grow steadily, confirming the pro-life belief that abortionists and their staff hold no value on life, be it the unborn child or its mother.

There is also evidence and documented cases of rape and sexual assault being committed by abortion practitioners before, during or after the woman has had the abortion. Cases of abortion practitioners killing or seriously injuring the women during the abortion procedure. 

And chilling evidence of children that failed to abort being left to die in agony. 

Baby pieces from abortion clinic clogging up drains

"Snow didn't stop them ripping apart little babies this morning. The drain was clogged with remains from the abortion mill. The city worker in the blue was crying as he tried to unclog it. He said to me...

I can't believe that people in this country do this- we need to stop this.

From Eliana Smith who witnessed this on the morning of 12 February 2014 in North Carolina