Former Abortionists

Former abortionists tell their stories

Because of the very fact that abortion involves killing a live human baby, many of those who have performed or helped to perform abortions have stopped their involvement when they came to terms with what they were doing. In this section, former abortionists and clinic personnel give us an insight into the reality of the abortion industry.

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Dr. Patti Giebink 

Dr. Patti Giebink, a board-certified OB/GYN and former abortionist, appeared in a video describing how she did abortions.

When the video opens, Dr. Giebink is standing in a building that once housed an abortion clinic. In her own words: “In this building, this used to be a private abortion clinic, for many years, and when that doctor wanted to retire he then sold the building to Planned Parenthood, which then hired me to work for them doing abortions….” 

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Dr. Grant Clark

Dr. Clark performed abortions many years ago in California. In an interview with Oregon Right to Life, he described the two cases that convinced him to stop doing abortions. He also describes first-trimester abortions done by suction:

… that was probably the most difficult part of the abortion procedure with the suction abortions, you had to go through what you suctioned out of the uterus and identify perfectly formed little arms and legs and little hands, skulls were usually crushed. Eyes and cute little noses – you just killed a baby. And I don’t care what you do, you can’t bring them back.

Dr George Flesh

In a 1994 editorial in the Los Angeles Times, an abortionist named Dr. George Flesh wrote about how he left the abortion business.

Embryotomy Scissors abortion

In the same editorial, Dr. Flesh described how performing abortions had taken an emotional toll on him:

Extracting a fetus, piece by piece, was bad for my sleep. Depression clouded my office on days when I had an abortion scheduled. My pulse raced after giving the local anesthetic. Although I still felt sorry for the unmarried 20-year-old college junior, I felt increasing anger toward the married couples who requested abortions because a law firm partnership was imminent, or house remodeling was incomplete, or even because summer travel tickets were paid for.

Anxiety attacks, complete with nausea, palpitations and dizziness, began to strike me in some social situations. In public, I felt I was on trial, or perhaps should have been. I no longer was proud to be a physician. Arriving home from work to the embrace of my kids, I felt undeserving that God had blessed me with their smiling faces. The morning shave became an ordeal, as I stared at the sad face in the mirror and wondered how all those awards and diplomas had produced an Angel of death.”

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Marianne Anderson

Marianne Anderson recently drove with her mother past the Planned Parenthood facility at 86th Street and Georgetown Road in Indianapolis, the state’s largest provider of abortions.

“I told my mom, ‘To think that that building exists for no other reason than to kill unborn babies.’ I still get a knot in my stomach when I drive by there.” The knot returns despite the fact that Anderson hasn’t worked at the Planned Parenthood facility since July of 2012. Prior to that, she worked for two-and-a-half years as a nurse at the abortion center.

The mother of two and grandmother of one has begun to talk about her experiences at the abortion facility. 

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Kathy Sparks


We'd put aborted babies in jars and watch their arms and legs

In her work at the abortion clinic, Kathy Sparks handled the bodies of aborted babies daily:

"The ones [aborted babies] that were small enough, which would be 12-13 weeks or less, we would put in a jar, label them, and put them in a big box to go off to the pathology lab… When the babies would be put in the jars, we would hold them up and kind of twirl them around and look at the little arm and little leg float up, and we’d put them back in the box."

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Cheryl Crew

It would torment me to see the tiny, crushed bodies 

In 2006, Destiny Image Publishers published a book by author Cheryl Chew called Make Me Your Choice. This powerful pro-life book tells moving stories of post-abortion women who suffered from guilt and grief and managed to find peace and healing. Chew also published the testimony of a woman named Judy. Judy worked for an OB/GYN who performed abortions

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