Andrew Scholberg

Witness # 5: Andrew Scholberg

Occupation: Copywriter 
Place: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Date: 1987

In 1987 and 1988, the Pro-Life Action League organised two major body finds. Pro-lifers retrieved more than 5,000 aborted babies from an abortion mill and pathology lab after being alerted by employees at both locations. Hundreds of photographs were taken.

Testimony of Andrew Scholberg

It was like a war zone: mangled, bloody bodies and torn limbs were everywhere. I have never seen anything like it in all my years of fighting abortion. 

I had just gone on an expedition with several other anti-abortion activists to collect garbage bags from various abortion mills in Chicago. After hitting four mills, we met in Joe Scheidler's garage to examine what the abortionists had thrown out.

The trash from the abortuary at 30 South Michigan Avenue, just a block away from Orchestra Hall and the world famous art museum, included a heavy cardboard box.

Inside the box we found what we had all feared: the bodies of some 50 babies that had been freshly killed that day by abortionist Regaldo Floredo. We knew that the "kills" were fresh, because each body was in its own separate bag with the date of the abortion and the name of the mother labelled on each bag. There was one bag that had no label, for whatever reason. It was the largest body by far. I measured the foot, which was about one and one-fourth inches long. This foot length means the child was 19 weeks old; a late second trimester abortion. All of the toes of one foot had been chewed off by the the abortionist's instruments.