John Cavanaugh-O'Keeffe

Witness # 2: John Cavanaugh-O'Keeffe

Occupation: Author & Researcher

Place: Washington D.C, USA Date: 1986

In August 1986, prolife activists began recovering the tiny bodies of children from bins all over Washington.

Testimony of John Cavanaugh-O'Keeffe

The first bodies we found were in a dumpster in Bethedsa behind an abortion clinic in Wisconsin Avenue just north of O'Donnell's Restaurant. They had been killed and thrown out by Alan Ross. In the first weeks, we simply buried the bodies in quiet services for the children and their families. Hillcrest abortion clinics on Georgia Avenue in Northwest Washington Area and on Pennsylvania Avenue in Southewast, run by Michael Jackson and Earl McLeod offer mid trimester abortions. When we started finding the bodies of children killed in the fourth or fifth month of life or later, we decided that more people should know what was going on.