Anthony Mendoza

Witness # 7: Anthony Mendoza

Occupation: Sidewalk Counselor

Place: Dallas, Texas, USA                                   

Date: Late 1980's 

These photographs were taken by members of Catholics United for Life, based in New Hope, Kentucky, while they were at a Sidewalk Training Programme in Dallas, Texas.

Testimony of Anthony Mendoza

I was one of six workers from CUL (Catholic United for Life) National Headquarters in New Hope, Kentucky on a Sidewalk Counselling Training Program in Dallas, Texas. After giving an introductory class we divided up and went to various abortuaries with local pro-life workers. At the end of the morning's work to save babies we discovered our work had just begun!

One of the local counsellors told us that she had recently found an aborted baby in the garbage behind the Dallas Women's Centre.

I returned to the centre the next morning with her and another sidewalk counsellor. That quiet Sunday morning the three of us began to examine the contents of the abortuary dumpster. We apprehensively opened the first bag but it only revealed a lot of "employee-room" garbage.

The next bag, however, held surgical supplies and a bloody plastic bag. Using rubber gloves I carefully drained away the blood and pieced together the body of an innocent baby, tragically murdered.

We spent the next two hours retrieving the little babies, placing their remains into small containers and then quietly taking them away from the abortuary dumpster. A few courageous people secretly continued this corporal work of mercy and in about three months over 1,000 babies' bodies were saved from this one dumpster. They were buried in a Dallas cemetery with a beautiful gravestone donated by local pro-life advocates.

Ironically, the abortionist, upon discovering the dedicated and sorrowful work going on in his alley, decided to end it by padlocking the dumpster.