Life Schools Project

Life schools Project

To build a culture of Life, we needed to go back to school. Youth Defence's LIFE school's program reaches every school in Ireland with pro-life materials, and offers ground-breaking, beautiful and inspiring presentations and DVDs so that students can fully understand the marvel and wonder of Life before Birth.

Youth Defence's 'Wonder of Life' DVD for schools uses cutting-edge technology to show the development of human life from conception. It really is a thing of beauty, and provokes a huge response from students of all ages.

It's amazing to share this modern, awe-inspiring and successful schools' program with students and the program is also in demand in Scotland, England, Australia and other countries.

Here's what the students say:

I can't believe that I ever thought abortion was ok!
So beautiful, the baby is so perfect at eight weeks, I never knew that."
Makes you realise that life is so amazing"
Magic! There is so much going on in there in the womb

Where better to learn about the beauty and wonder of unborn human life than in school.

When it is possible to believe that the unborn child is just a lump of cells, it is all the easier to justify abortion. It seems absurd that the advances in medicine which give scientific insight into life in the womb should not be commonly known, but such is the case. This is, in part, due to the reluctance of the media to reveal the humanity of the child in the womb.

Youth Defence's schools program is an indispensable part of our pro-life work in that it explains and presents the wonder of developing life to students.

What the schools get

Firstly, every secondary school in the country receives a beautiful full-colour wall poster which brings students through the stages of development within the womb and explains the stages at which different organs are complete and functioning.

Each school also receives educational booklets for students which contain a mini version of the poster, with a fun quiz and a web guide card which gives the address of our schools' website which has been accessed and praised around the world for its innovative design and content.

Secondly, schools are invited to request a speaker from the project to give a talk to the students which is centred around a multimedia presentation. The response from schools has been nothing short of amazing. At times it is difficult to keep up with demand, and it is common to be booked out for the entire school term especially with schools requesting return visits.

The school visits are an absolute pleasure; while the lack of knowledge as to the development of the unborn child is apparent, the eagerness to learn all about it is very heartening. The students love the format of this type of presentation, in particular because they feel it is not delivered in a stale academic way.

The lasting effects of our schools project will be seen in a new generation of Irish people who are fully educated in the facts regarding life before birth, making them consequently harder to fool than the abortion industry would have expected.