YD International

A phenomenon has taken place within the pro-life movement, not just in Ireland but throughout the whole world. Young people, always thought to be at best apathetic to most everything, are joining and forming pro-life groups in their droves.

Not meaning to sound overly chuffed or anything but Youth Defence's International Pro-Life Activists Conferences, which have given enthusiasm, knowledge, expression and motivation to young people concerned about abortion, was partly to blame for all this.

At YD's 2nd International Conference young people attended from Spain, Mexico, Italy, England, the US, Canada, Austria, France, Scotland, Australia and the Philippines. All of these young people have been motivated by that experience to form or rejuvenate pro-life groups in their own countries.

In Spain they have organised the country's first Roadshow, and they are arranging pro-life activities and pro-life counselling on a weekly basis. The Italians are planning coordinated Days for Life in Milan and Rome and are taken by our tactic of Direct Action. Young people in Canada and the US went home charged with pro-life energy from the conference and launched new initiatives in their schools and colleges under the banner of Youth Defence.

In Austria, Youth for Life have come to Ireland to share experiences and a group of young English pro-lifers have come for a YD training weekend to Dublin.

In Australia young people in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne have already held several high profile pro-life events and have launched YD Australia, holding street information days and distributing little feet, and have been profiled in the Australian media. Also Down Under, Youth for Life are putting YD strategies into action with spectacular results.

We have also been contacted by young people in both India and the Philippines, who want to come to Ireland to learn how to successfully fight abortion in their own countries. And of course our sister organisation, Precious Life, has done remarkable work to protect unborn babies and their mothers in the north of Ireland.

Wherever we come from, we have one thing in common - we believe in the sanctity of human life. YD International has established lasting and working relationships with active and effective pro-life groups who are committed to re-establishing the culture of life in our own countries and throughout the world.

Check out Precious Life's work at www.preciouslife.com