IPPF and Abortion

Masquerading as a charity, IPPF and its affiliates are a profit making business whose aims are ideological rather than charitable. They enjoy massive amounts of government and private funding for their so-called 'charitable' ventures.

IPPF and it's ten year plan for widespread abortion

The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) released a ten-year blue-print to establish sweeping new reproductive rights, including a worldwide right to abortion on demand and a right to "have access to safe abortion." The blueprint, called "IPPF's Strategic Framework 2005-2015," is meant to guide the institution in its pursuit of what it calls the "unfinished business of sexual and reproductive health."

An international right to access abortion, which is apparently a new claim, could be an even more extensive right than the right to abortion, since it may imply that governments are obligated to pay for abortions, train doctors and set up abortion clinics.

In the Framework, IPPF vows to continue its abortion "advocacy with governments, politicians, judiciary, health professionals and opinion-leaders to recognize, protect and fulfill these rights - either through legalization or decriminalization."

IPPF, the world's largest abortion provider, intends to increase its own "provision of abortion services to the fullest extent permitted by law, with special attention to young women and under-served and marginalized groups." IPPF will also provide abortion to adolescent girls as part of its "comprehensive youth-friendly high quality services."Apparently concerned about international development money, the Framework announces IPPF's intention to tie the current United Nations development initiative, called the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), to reproductive rights, even though the MDGs do not explicitly mention reproductive rights.

Abortion Mongers

Planned Parenthood claims that its efforts to provide abortion services have at last removed the spectre of dangerous back alley abortion. Nothing could be further from the truth. The spectre remains, darker and more ominous than ever before. The truth is, many of the butchers who ran the old back alley operations have simply moved uptown to ply their grisly trade for Planned Parenthood.

Abortions are dangerous. Planned Parenthood's own liability release forms say so - in very fine print, of course. There is no such thing as a "safe and legal" abortion. Legal, yes. Safe, no way.

As far back as 1985, the Centres for Disease Control conducted a study of maternal deaths and discovered that abortion is now the sixth most common cause. The results of the study, released in the May issue of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, admitted that those abortion-related deaths may be under-reported by as much as fifty per cent.

According to one physician, writing in the British Journal of Venereal Disease, "infection in the womb and tubes often does permanent damage. The Fallopian tube is a fragile organ, a very tiny bore tube. If infection injures it, it often seals shut. The typical infection involving these organs is pelvic inflammatory disease, or PID." This condition affects nearly fifteen per cent of all those who submit to induced abortion.

Other medical complications of abortion include sterility (as many as twenty-five per cent of all women receiving mid-trimester abortions); haemorrhaging (nearly ten per cent of all cases require transfusions); viral hepatitis (occurring in ten per cent of all those transfused); embolism (in as many as four per cent of all cases); cervical laceration, cardio-respiratory arrest, acute kidney failure, and amniotic fluid embolus (occurring in as many as forty-two per cent of all Prostaglandin abortions).

In the September-October 1995 edition of New Dimensions magazine featured an in-depth report on the high incidence of traumatic outcomes to women having abortions. They obtained an internal report of Planned Parenthood Federation of America that reveals that abortion may cause serious damage to the great majority of women who undergo the procedure. Planned Parenthood's internal report (Department of Education's 3-year Plan and Long Range Program Goals, 1990-1993) reveals on page 29 that its own research organisation, the Alan Guttmacher Institute, estimates that as high as 91 percent of all women undergoing abortions may suffer from physical or psychological "post-procedural trauma

Such an admission is in stark contrast to Planned Parenthood's public relations slogan about 'safe and legal' abortion. Planned Parenthood has always tried to keep this sort of information away from media and public scrutiny.

But they are adept at lying about abortion related death. Investigators in the USA called Planned Parenthood abortion clinics with recent cases of medical emergencies and botched abortions in 7 different states asking if Planned Parenthood’s abortion practice was safe and if women had ever been hurt at the clinics. Not a single Planned Parenthood abortion clinic acknowledged the recent injuries of women. 

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Planned Parenthood has become the McDonalds of America's abortion industry, The abortion business is fast, efficient, and very profitable. This, despite growing indications that its main 'product' may in fact be dangerous to the health of women.

- Concludes one observer

Pushing Abortion

Business is booming for IPPF: in 2007 the organization reported a 50% increase from the previous year in the total number of abortion-related services provided by member associations globally.

In its annual performance report for 2007-2008 it boasts of pushing its abortion agenda among its member associations in traditionally pro-life countries throughout Africa, Latin America and the Islamic world.

IPPF asserts that “access to safe legal abortion is a public health and human rights imperative” and that the organization’s goal is to achieve “a universal recognition of a woman’s right to choose and have access to safe abortion, and a reduction in the incidence of unsafe abortion.”

The report highlights the work of the Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association (IPPA), an IPPF member association, and its work in the country to combat “opposition from religious groups” which “severely hamper service provision.” IPPA has included abortion as one of its priority areas and works on the ground to provide contraceptives, “safe abortion” and to challenge Indonesian Decree no. 23/1992 that states abortion is only permissible if it is proven necessary to save the life of the mother.

The report includes a story of an Indonesian woman seeking to terminate her pregnancy after attempting self-abortion using herbs and misoprostol. This raises questions about IPPA’s work in providing abortions in countries where it is restricted. The report only says that after being referred to IPPA that her pregnancy was terminated, but does not state whether IPPA conducted the abortion or whether or not the abortion was necessary to save the life of the mother – the only instance where abortion is permitted in Indonesia. This leaves unanswered whether IPPA is facilitating illegal activity.

IPPF acknowledges the controversy surrounding its “sexual and reproductive health and rights” agenda and thus makes advocacy one of its top priorities. The primary advocacy accomplishment in the IPPF report is the organization’s work in drafting, promoting and implementing the African Union’s Maputo Plan of Action, a non-binding three-year action plan that explicitly contains abortion targets and indicators that remain hotly contested among African nations.

IPPF's Contempt for the law

The International Planned Parenthood Federation has repeatedly demonstrated that its international abortion agenda takes precedence over local laws or customs. The IPPF has stated that:

[Family Planning] Associations should operate right up to the edge of what is legal and sometimes even beyond where the law is uncertain or out of tune with public opinion. While a government gains short-term respect by being respectable, a voluntary body may gain long-term respect by being responsibly disreputable. 

Malcolm Potts, a former Medical Director of the IPPF, has claimed that “There are some laws that can and should be broken… restrictive abortion laws…are as obsolete and irrelevant to the contemporary world as the New York State statute which makes it a crime to have a deck of cards in an apartment within a one-mile radius of an armory.”

The IPPF does not merely talk about breaking the law, it takes action on a massive scale. IPPF has been promoting and enabling illegal abortion in the Philippines for at least 20 years, and has been providing large numbers of abortion machines to numerous developing countries. including Bangladesh, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, and India.


No choice for women

In a survey of women who had received abortions at Planned Parenthood sixty per cent stated that their counsellor had "very strongly encouraged them to choose abortion as the best solution to their problem." This is especially significant in light of the fact that over ninety per cent of these encouraged to abort by their Planned Parenthood counsellor said that "there was a strong chance" they would have chosen against the abortion if they "had not been so strongly encouraged to abort."

Over sixty per cent were "still hoping to find an alternative" when they went in for counselling. Only twenty-five per cent were already "firm in their decision" to obtain an abortion. So what do the "champions of choice at Planned Parenthood do to help these women through the agonizing decision-making process? Did they lay out all the options? Did they discuss all the available alternatives? Did they go over all the possible risks, hazards, and complications?

Did they offer women a real choice? Hardly. Ninety-five per cent of the women said that their Planned Parenthood counsellors gave "little or no biological information about the fetus which the abortion would destroy."

Eighty per cent said that their counsellors gave "little or no information about the potential health risks which might follow the surgery. Sixty-eight per cent felt that the "procedure was not described with any degree of depth or clarity." And eighty-nine percent said that their counsellor was "strongly biased in favour of the abortion."

Far from advocating choice, then, Planned Parenthood has become, over the years at home and abroad, the most valiant crusader against choice. It is one of the most vicious opponents of choice in the world today.