Vigil for Baby Hope

Information Leaflet

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Baby Hope Leaflet - Love Them Both

Send a message to Baby Hope, Fighting for Life in ICU because of Fine Gael's Abortion Act.

Deliberately delivered prematurely at 25 weeks, Baby Hope was left fighting for life in ICU and now faces a lifetime of medical complications. This horrific outcome arose because of Fine Gael’s Abortion Act, which ignored the evidence that abortion is not a treatment for suicidal thoughts in pregnancy.

Baby Hope’s mother should have the received the correct medical care that her mental health required, instead of the death, or forced delivery, of her healthy baby.

Women and Children Deserve Better Than This.

Send Baby Hope a message of love and support today.

We hope this little baby makes it and we hope that all women in crisis are offered the appropriate support and medical care they need in pregnancy.

Sending you Love Card

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Sending you love Baby Hope

Forced prematurity shows Kenny must now repeal his cruel and unworkable act. Niamh Uí Bhriain has strongly criticised the horrific outcome of Enda Kenny's Abortion Act in the Irish Independent and the Journal.

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