A Choice or a Child?

We all want to make choices for ourselves. But abortion isn’t simply about the right to choose.  That’s because there’s a baby involved. 

She may be tiny, she may not be heard, but science shows us that she’s a human being from the moment of conception.  So abortion isn’t just as simple as making a choice: because that choice can end another person’s life. And all of us, whatever our age, race, colour or creed, deserves the right to life.

Research shows that all-too-often women come under pressure to have an abortion – and abortion brings a significantly higher risk of mental health problems for women.* So much for freedom of choice.  Truth is, abortion is a medieval solution to an unexpected pregnancy.

Because the new life that has begun is not just a ‘choice’: she’s a child.  
We can do better for women and their babies.  

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