Testimony: Mark Bomchill

Mark Bomchill previously worked at an abortion clinic until, one day, while carrying a baby's body for disposal he saw the agony on the child's dead face. Mark gave an articulate and moving account of his involvement with abortion. He began by explaining how he found himself working at the abortion clinic, feeling that he was genuinely doing the right thing to protect "women's rights". He went on to explain his daily mission of harassing and hassling the pro-lifers who came to peacefully protest at the clinic where he worked. He told of how he did everything possible to dissuade and terrorise them. Mark said that he regularly lied under oath to secure convictions, and indeed jail sentences, against innocent and peaceful protesters.

Yet Mark found that no matter what he did to the protesters, they kept coming to save mothers and their babies. Not only that, but they were also polite and kind to him no matter what he did to them.

He found himself getting more involved with the clinic. He beame obsessed with the dismembered babies that had been aborted when he became responsible for disposing of the tiny body parts of each child. The body parts would be assembled in a dish to ensure the entire baby had been removed from the mother's womb. Mark had to ensure that the parts would be adequately disposed of (to ensure that pro-lifers would not find and bury the bodies of the aborted babies as had happened on previous occasions). He developed a morbid fascination with the little bodies, he spoke of looking at their knuckles, their noses. He told how he was struck by the fact that each little baby was so similar, yet so different and unique in its own special way.

Then Mark looked at his own newborn nephew and he noticed that his nephew's little knuckles, and tiny nose, were not very different from the torn-apart bodies that he looked at in the abortion clinic. He began to question things; looking at the pro-lifers outside the clinic differently, looking again at the people working inside the clinic. He saw that those working inside the clinic generally had many problems - either personal addictions, troubled childhoods, or difficult relationship histories. But those outside the clinic genuinely seemed to care: care about the girls entering the clinics, care about their unborn babies, they even seemed to care about him. He couldn't continue with his work in the abortion clinic and over a period of time, made a full conversion to the pro-life cause. Now, he is one of the protesters standing outside the clinic trying to assist pregnant women who think abortion is the only solution to their problems. He hasn't given up on converting some of the staff himself either!